Tricks and treats from PokerStars Pros

PS Women logo.jpgEveryone knows Team PokerStars Pros have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to winning a poker tournament. They also have lots of experience playing the upcoming PCA PokerStars Women Live event and, as a result, know all the best treats to seek out while enjoying the beautiful Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Since the event is coming up soon (January 12-13) and PokerStars is guaranteeing at least one full package every week, we thought it would be fun to share a few of those tricks and treats with you. Team PokerStars Pros Liv Boeree, Fatima Moreira De Melo, Ana Marquez, and Vanessa Selbst weighed in with some great advice. So listen up to improve your chances for winning this amazing $3,250 tournament package that includes your tournament buy-in, three night's hotel accommodations, and money for expenses. Low buy-in tournaments run daily, along with a daily freeroll.

The brainy Liv Boeree advises players to "brush up on your skills " and "study up beforehand, by playing some online tournaments (and) satellites, or sit-n-gos at the PCA." But it's not all about being studious for Liv, although her analytical background (her degree is in astrophysics) definitely gives her an edge. She's also famous for knowing how to have a good time, and whether it's at a poker table or partying with friends, she always believes in bringing in an element of fun. "Just enjoy yourself," she added. "I love the fun atmosphere that always surrounds the ladies tournament. The girls are competitive but also fun, and it's nice to have some intelligent conversation around the table--makes a change from all the boring boys." She also offers another pointer for having fun while improving your chances in the tournament at the same time--get your opponents talking. "Don't be afraid to talk and make friends--that's part of the spirit of the game too," she advises.

Team PokerStars Sports Star Fatima De Melo's best trick echoed Liv's when it came to chatting up the competition. "Take your time to get to know the players at your table. The info will help you throughout the tournament, and you'll have a fun time!" She also mentioned that the tournament is more relaxed than the Main Event, but did caution that although it's relaxed, "everyone wants to win." Her favorite treat at the PCA is the fact that "it's a big pokerfest with a ton of poker to be played, AND nice beaches, tennis courts, and restaurants to keep me well entertained if I'm not playing poker." Fatima's favorite memory of the PCA women's event is one that sums up the atmosphere of many of the events. "I love it that women at the table can talk about their new favourite shoes and play at their best to try to beat you at the same time!"


This is either Fatima or someone with a very good Fatima costume

As a tenth place finisher at the 2011 PCA Main Event, Ana Marquez has some tricks that could definitely be useful to keep in mind. She commented that she would advise players to "play tight, calm, and smart . . ." and to "pay a lot of attention, " but to also have fun. She also recommends that they keep the dynamics of the tournament in mind and consider the fact that "it's a tournament with more amateurs than the other PCA tournaments, so the strategy changes a bit." After playing three PokerStars Women Live events, Ana observed that it is the dynamics of the tournament that make it so much fun. "Interacting with the women at the tables" is her favorite thing about playing the event. "It's fun, interesting, and out of the ordinary to play with a table full of women. The conversations, the etiquette, and the dynamic changes, and it is very nice." Ana says that her favorite thing about the PCA is the beach. "I love being able to play and relax in the sun on the same day." Her final piece of advice is one that could save you chips at the table, as well as a hangover the next day. "Be careful with playing and drinking Bahamas mamas. They seem like soft drinks, but they are very strong!"

Although Vanessa Selbst is one of the most feared players in any tournament, her comments may put your mind at ease a bit if she happens to wind up at your table. "Just play your best and don't be intimidated by the pros. Anyone can win with the right cards." Vanessa has played two PokerStars women's events and says that it's the friendliness of the players that make them so much fun for her. She commented that the women "are friendlier than the guys" and went on to say that although they were friendly, "the level of play from a lot of the amateurs really surprised and impressed me." Vanessa's favorite treat at the PCA was an easy question for her to answer. "The waterslides, of course!" But there were other favorites as well--"The variety of tournaments at the PCA is awesome, with really great field sizes. So there's something for everyone, and lots of money to be won."

To find out more about the upcoming tournament and the satellites that run daily, see PokerStars Women Live for all the details. Good luck in the satellites and keep your eye on the biggest treat of the year--a package to the PCA PokerStars Women Live event.


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