Tuesdays get a makeover with new Women's Tuesday tournament

Thumbnail image for PS Women logo.jpgLet's face it, Tuesday is normally kind of a boring day. It doesn't have all the drama and angst of a Monday, and certainly none of the anticipation of a Friday. It doesn't even have the distinction of being "hump day," if you want to call that a distinction. But now PokerStars offers something new and different to juice up the day, and it's just for women. It's the new Women's Tuesday tournament, beginning on March 27. The 6-Max No Limit Hold'em tournament offers a $1,000 guarantee and runs weekly at 15:00 ET. The direct buy-in is $11, but in order to make it easy for everyone to play, there are satellites running all week to qualify, starting as low as $1.10.

A $1K Tuesday Tournament is good, but not good enough for PokerStars. To make sure the Tuesday tournament has the same star power as the Women's Sunday, many of the PokerStars Team Pros have signed on to play. You will have the chance to mix it up with pros like Liv Boeree, Ana Marquez and others while you improve your skills and add lots of celebrity poker stories to your repertoire. And finally, to add even more excitement, PokerStars decided to add a special bonus for playing the kick-off tournament this Tuesday. All players who play in this week's inaugural tournament will receive a ticket to play in any PokerStars Women's Sunday $5.50 satellite. So who can beat a deal like that? Play with the pros in a new $1K tournament and get a free shot at the Women's Sunday as well!


Clear your calendars now to play in the Women's Tuesday tournament on March 27 and do your part to give Tuesdays a makeover. Help Tuesday become all it was meant to be by playing and winning the new Women's Tuesday.

For more information on times and other details, click Tourney/All in the PokerStars lobby. And for more details on this and other special promotions for women see the PokerStars Women Promotions page.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women