Women's Poker League: CUTIE QUEEN and LobitaHot dominate divisions

League logo.jpgIt is a feat for any woman playing the Women's Poker League to make it into the top 10. It is even more impressive to show up in that group of top players regularly. But playing multiple divisions and doing well in each of them is challenging and takes time, focus, and just plain skill. And those women catch our attention every time.

When looking at the top 10 reports for August, there were quite a few new names. One of them on the $.10 list was LobitaHot, but looking then at the $1.10 list, she was at the top. Winning one and placing fourth in another is something to be proud of. Then we saw the regular top finisher CUTIE QUEEN on the $1.10 top 10, which is no surprise. She is one of the names we often see in top 10 lists, but then looking over to the $5.50 division, CUTIE QUEEN won it. Again, winning one and doing very well in another is remarkable.

All of our top finishers receive prizes, though. The WPL not only awards cash for the top 20 finishers in two divisions and 30 finishers in the $5.50 division, but they award seats into the year-end championship freeroll. Those tickets are given to the first place player in the $.10 division, top five in the $1.10 division, and all top 10 players in the $5.50 league. Congratulations to everyone!

Division 1: $.10 League

One week before the end of August, saxony74 had a strong lead in this division with 134 points. Friben was in second with 119, but LobitaHot was close with 114, and annamfa and Dushes were tied for fourth place with 110 points each.

Saxony74 of Germany did hold on to that lead and climbed up to 164 points to win the division with 29 tournaments played. Annamfa of Hungarysoared into second place with 153 points for 31 events, and Friben of Brazil had to take third with 150 points for 31 events. The rest of the top 10 remained the same with the exception of 77natali77 falling from seventh place out of the top 10 and annvr71 coming in tenth place.

Hungary was the only country to be represented by more than one player this month, though Germany took the top spot.

Flag - Germany.gif

August Top 10:

1st place: saxony74 (Germany) - 29 tournaments, 164 points = $100
2nd place: annamfa (Hungary) - 31 tournaments, 153 points = $90
3rd place: Friben (Brazil) - 31 tournaments, 150 points = $80
4th place: LobitaHot (Venezuela) - 30 tournaments, 143 points = $70
5th place: AKowalski 00 (Colombia) - 30 tournaments, 142 points = $60
6th place: Dushes (Russia) - 30 tournaments, 141 points = $50
7th place: jonjon869 (Ukraine) - 27 tournaments, 138 points = $40
8th place: maadcaroma (Portugal) - 31 tournaments, 131 points = $30
9th place: nV6TR (Hungary) - 30 tournaments, 127 points = $20
10th place: annvr71 (Belgium) - 30 tournaments, 126 points = $15

Division 2: $1.10 League

The rankings on August 24 showed xxvcnw leading the women with 157 points, while CUTIE QUEEN was trailing with 146 points in second, and LobitaHot was in third with 140 points. P5.Aloona held a strong fourth place, and REBEKC followed in fifth.

A little rearrangement happened within the last week of the month. LobitaHot of Venezuela went on a streak and accumulated 179 points in 30 tournaments. That left xxvcnw of Taiwan in second place with 178 points for her 29 tournaments, just barely missing the win. Blanckaa17 of Mexico was only one point behind with 177 points for 28 events. CUTIE QUEEN fell to fifth, and others like Jafra2008, aZn_SharK105, johorj, and tesorera fell out of the top 10 altogether. New faces like MLka87 and *ShanonStar* took their places.

Venezuela was represented by the winner of this division, but Mexico and Colombia each had two players in the top 10.

Flag - Venezuela.gif

August Top 10:

1st place: LobitaHot (Venezuela) - 30 tournaments, 179 points = $250
2nd place: xxvcnw (Taiwan) - 29 tournaments, 178 points = $170
3rd place: blanckaa17 (Mexico) - 28 tournaments, 177 points = $140
4th place: P5.Aloona (Ukraine) - 29 tournaments, 164 points = $120
5th place: CUTIE QUEEN (Greece) - 31 tournaments, 153 points = $100
6th place: AKowalski 00 (Colombia) - 30 tournaments, 152 points = $90
7th place: REBEKC (Mexico) - 31 tournaments, 151 points = $80
8th place: MLka87 (Poland) - 23 tournaments, 144 points = $60
9th place: *ShanonStar* (Colombia) - 20 tournaments, 136 points = $50
10th place: Aka Sue (Australia) - 30 tournaments, 134 points = $40

Division 3: $5.50 League

CUTIE QUEEN was alive in two divisions and in first place of this one with only one week to go in the month. She had a solid lead with 184 points, while CubicCentime trailed in second place with 169 points. Anyta belka was in third with 161, and Marysvk and Mr.Pasek filled out the top five.

The month ended with CUTIE QUEEN of Greece with 242 final points from 31 tournaments for the win. Anyta belka of Ukraine climbed into second place spot with 221 points from 30 events to end the month, and CubicCentime of China fell one spot to third to finish with 206 points in 31 events. NoKnowing came out of nowhere to slam into fourth place, while blanckaa17 took fifth. New names that popped into the top ten at the end included alka-ita and Yakiniku333.

Greece's player handily won this division, but the Ukraine represented with two players in the top 10.

Flag - Greece.gif

August Top 10:

1st place: CUTIE QUEEN (Greece) - 31 tournaments, 242 points = $500
2nd place: Anyta belka (Ukraine) - 30 tournaments, 221 points = $300
3rd place: CubicCentime (China) - 31 tournaments, 206 points = $220
4th place: NoKnowing (Romania) - 30 tournaments, 205 points = $170
5th place: blanckaa17 (Mexico) - 31 tournaments, 204 points = $150
6th place: johorj (Colombia) - 30 tournaments, 200 points = $140
7th place: alka-ita (Ukraine) - 31 tournaments, 186 points = $130
8th place: Yakiniku333 (Japan) - 30 tournaments, 182 points = $110
9th place: il biccia (Moldova) - 29 tournaments, 179 points = $90
10th place: Marysvk (Slovakia) - 30 tournaments, 177 points = $50

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women