Women's Poker League: End of an era, new promotion for 2013

PokerStars Women has created many opportunities to bring women together in the poker community and encourage more women to play the game. The Women's Poker League was an exciting part of the evolution that has given women a friendly but competitive environment in which to challenge themselves and win significant sums of money.

One of the great qualities of women is their ability to adapt to change, as it is in their nature to accept it and embrace new opportunities. In the case of the Women's Poker League, the change is going to be positive for the vast majority of female PokerStars players. It will allow more women to play, win prizes, and be a part of the quickly growing community of women at the online poker tables.

The Women's Poker League will continue its current offerings until December 31, 2012. Players are encouraged to make a run at the December cash prizes and win their seats into the year-end WPL $10,000 freeroll, which is still scheduled for January. For those who already won their seats, another win will be credited to their accounts as a $55 Women's Sunday ticket.

Over the course of the WPL, we've seen many players excel and improve. In 2010, the annual winners were ranked by Europe and the United States, and Dasultanz topped the European chart while RushRising won the US division. That year, more than 800 women competed monthly to win prizes. In 2011, rankings were done by $.10 and $1.10 divisions, and the number of league players jumped into the thousands. SARITA15350 won the former and Bertie867 claimed victory in the latter for the year, and both women were awarded generous prize packages.

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The 2012 WPL included even more excitement with the addition of a $5.50 division, and players flocked to one or more to compete for cash and seats to the winners' freeroll. The winners have yet to be determined, but we wish all of the competitors the best of luck as they rack up December points.

The decision to replace the WPL with a new offering came after much discussion and player input. PokerStars Women Community Manager Joanne Bartley explains:

"The Women's Poker League has been a part of PokerStars for nearly three years now, and it's seen a few changes in that time, but we decided it was time to rethink the format, and we believe we've come up with something that regular league players will like. Next year's promotion will award prizes to more women than before, and it will offer those prizes more regularly. PokerStars Women's Club suits women who can just pop in and play a few games, while the league suited those who could commit to regular daily play. We heard from quite a few players that they had too much going on to grind for league points every month, so the new format rewards women who play well but not necessarily every day. It also hands out a lot more prizes - so we hope everyone will like that! We can't reveal all the details of our new women's games just yet, but follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and you'll find out more very soon."

We look forward to revealing the new PokerStars Women promotion, which will officially begin on January 7, 2013. Stay tuned!

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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