Women's Poker League: Sick play in 3 divisions from $icksosick!

League logo.jpgThe PokerStars Women's Poker League is a gathering of sorts. Women gather in these tournaments to accumulate results over the course of a month. It may be done for fun, pride, the love of competition, and/or for the many cash prizes that await the top players. And with three bankroll divisions from which to choose, players can compete at the level at which they are most comfortable.

Many players are fortunate enough to be able to play in more than one division, and the skilled can sometimes make the top 10 of two divisions. But something we've rarely seen is a player who competes in all three divisions ... and makes the top 10 of all three! Player $icksosick! did just that in September, pulling out ninth, sixth, and fourth place finishes. It's quite the achievement, and we congratulate her!

Obviously, $icksosick! won her way into the year-end championship freeroll. Other players did as well, as the criteria states that tickets go to the top player in the $.10 division, top five in the $1.10, and top 10 in the $5.50 division.

Here's how the month of September played out.

Division 1: $.10 League

A little more than halfway through the month, Stellanna was leading this division with 122 points for 20 tournaments, followed by katelynf with 107 points for 17 events. Miss Luce was in third, and all three of the top players were from Canada.

Things changed slightly at the top upon the conclusion of September. Katelynf of Canada took over the lead and squeaked by with a win from 141 points in 27 events. Stellanna of Canada was close behind but ended with 140 points for 30 tournaments. LobitaHot of Venezuela jumped from ninth place to third in the last week, besting her own performance of the previous month when she finished fourth. Familiar name maadcaroma of Portugal soared into fourth place after finishing eighth last month. Miss Luce fell to a still-respectable ninth place finish, tied with two other players.

Canada's player won the tournament, and there were three Canadians in the top 10. Portugal had two representatives.

Flag - Canada.jpg

September Top 10:

1st place: katelynf (Canada) - 27 tournaments, 141 points = $100
2nd place: Stellanna (Canada) - 30 tournaments, 140 points = $90
3rd place: LobitaHot (Venezuela) - 30 tournaments, 126 points = $80
4th place: maadcaroma (Portugal) - 29 tournaments, 125 points = $70
5th place: Rosanne1984 (Vietnam) - 25 tournaments, 124 points = $60
6th place: misseve007 (Belgium) - 29 tournaments, 118 points = $50
7th place: Patalhoca (Portugal) - 29 tournaments, 115 points = $35 (TIE)
7th place: sophie771131 (Hungary) - 29 tournaments, 115 points = $35 (TIE)
9th place: $icksosick! (Germany) - 26 tournaments, 114 points = $21.67 (TIE)
9th place: Miss Luce (Canada) - 28 tournaments, 114 points = $21.66 (TIE)
9th place: PetrasYaris (Germany) - 30 tournaments, 114 points = $21.66 (TIE)

Division 2: $1.10 League

When we peeked at this division on the 21st of the month, sophie771131 was in the top spot, and blanckaa17 was in a close second. Though $icksosick! was just entering the top 10 of the $.10 division, she was already in third place in this one.

Little more than a week later, the month was over, and blanckaa17 of Mexico had climbed into a very solid first place with 28 points for 28 tournaments. Sophie771131 of Hungary settled for second place with 171 points in 29 events, and Rosanne1984 of Vietnam, who finished in fifth place in the $.10 division, rose into the third place spot in this one to finish strong with 162 points. $icksosick! fell into a sixth place tie but finished well. And maadcaroma, who took fourth in the $.10 division, finished eighth in this one.

Mexico's player took the winning position in this division, but Brazil and Germany each had two players in the top 10.

Flag - Mexico.gif

September Top 10:

1st place: blanckaa17 (Mexico) - 28 tournaments, 194 points = $250
2nd place: sophie771131 (Hungary) - 29 tournaments, 171 points = $170
3rd place: Rosanne1984 (Vietnam) - 27 tournaments, 162 points = $140
4th place: PHMcC (Australia) - 30 tournaments, 154 points = $120
5th place: Friben (Brazil) - 30 tournaments, 152 points = $100
6th place: $icksosick! (Germany) - 27 tournaments, 151 points = $85 (TIE)
6th place: Isabella_Ang (Brazil) - 28 tournaments, 151 points = $85 (TIE)
8th place: maadcaroma (Portugal) - 30 tournaments, 146 points = $60
9th place: annvr71 (Belgium) - 30 tournaments, 143 points = $45 (TIE)
9th place: Stella796 (Germany) - 30 tournaments, 143 points = $45 (TIE)

Division 3: $5.50 League

The 21st of the month showed maedchen80 making a mad run at the win, sitting in first place with 178 points for 18 events. But $icksosick! was close with 169 points for second place, and apacha23 was a bit of a distant third with 141. NoKnowing was in fourth, and saxony74 rounded out the top five.

The final numbers for September showed NoKnowing of Romania in first place, not only climbing out of fourth to accumulate 211 points in 30 events, but besting her last month's fourth place finish. Maedchen80 of the UK did finish in second with 209 points for 26 events, and VikaLeto of Russia came from tenth place to finish third with 195 points in 25 events. $icksosick! took fourth, and apacha23 finished in fifth.

The Romanian player took this division in September, and Russia, Mexico, and Germany each had two players in the top 10.

Flag - Romania.gif

September Top 10:

1st place: NoKnowing (Romania) - 30 tournaments, 211 points = $500
2nd place: maedchen80 (UK) - 26 tournaments, 209 points = $300
3rd place: VikaLeto (Russia) - 25 tournaments, 195 points = $220
4th place: $icksosick! (Germany) - 26 tournaments, 188 points = $170
5th place: apacha23 (Mexico) - 29 tournaments, 179 points = $145 (TIE)
5th place: Dushes (Russia) - 30 tournaments, 179 points = $145 (TIE)
7th place: REBEKC (Mexico) - 30 tournaments, 174 points = $130
8th place: saxony74 (Germany) - 30 tournaments, 169 points = $100 (TIE)
8th place: yack83 (Slovenia) - 30 tournaments, 169 points = $100 (TIE)
10th place: BrujitaFina (Colombia) - 27 tournaments, 166 points = $50

Information about the PokerStars Women's Poker League is provided on the home page, and current league standings are listed on the rankings page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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