A Belgian TV Tale: Café Corsari

A few days after EPT Deauville, my sister and I were in the newspaper for sitting next to each other at the poker table. That's why my sister, the brothers De Meulder, and I were invited to a TV show called Café Corsari.

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Matthias would explain poker to the audience in one minute and 20 seconds. They recorded a little movie where Matthias would show the rules of poker and all the possible hands you can get in the winning order. When you're thinking about it, explaining poker isn't the easiest thing to do. Once you learned the basics, poker is something you really have to learn by playing it. There's even a saying for that: "Poker takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master."

The PokerStars team from Belgium had a little meeting with the TV crew the day before the show. They taught them to play poker a little, and it was really funny to see how fast people were hooked on the game. They were very interested and really loved how exciting the game was. Some of the people working there kept asking questions about the game and obviously were trying to improve their knowledge about poker.

Also, right before we started filming, people of all ages came over to ask about the poker game. I think that it really shows the wide the target audience of poker.

In the late afternoon, we did a general try-out before the live show started. I always think my sister looks so confident when they point a camera at her. She learned to be a lot more confident by traveling with PokerStars. I, on the other hand, was quite stressed out, as always.

When we started filming the live show, we played poker on the side of the talk show so that they could film fragments of us playing. My sister went out of the game first, which made her support me against the brothers De Meulder. She definitely prefers a woman winning more than a guy, so I guess you could say she's a little feminist.

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We didn't finish the game, but Christophe and I were heads-up when the show ended. The presenter came to ask some questions about poker. When he asked us about our best poker results, I was quite impressed with how much money the brothers had won at such young age. It kind of threw me off a bit, but I confidently told the audience how I had won 5,000 Euros already. Five hundred seems more like it, but who knows what the future brings...

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Camille Van Brabander
@PokerStars in PS Women