Christmas jumpers and PokerStars holiday fun

PokerStars has an eye for tradition, for noting and repeating activities people enjoy. There's the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure every January, hand milestones whenever a significant number shows up, and you could even say there's the weekly tradition of the Sunday Million.

There are traditions for the festive season, too, like Santa's annual visit to PokerStars tables. The festive chap visits PokerStars each year to hand out $50 presents with a "ho ho ho" and some lively chatter with railbirds.

If he visits your table, do be sure to wish him a Happy Christmas. I've seen some say, "Me, me, me, gimme cash!" but I think that's naughty, not nice.

PokerStars' offices throughout the world enjoy some holiday traditions, too. Each year, London office staff help at a children's Christmas party for a charity called Kids Company. Then there's the chance for staff to look foolish in the spirit of festivities. One way is to overdo things at the office Christmas party; another way to wear a Christmas Jumper.

PokerStars' Christmas jumper competition started just last year but was back this year, and I suspect this tradition is here to stay. It's easy to enter; staff just must wear something knitted and wooly that looks Christmas-y and/or foolish. There is a prize for the office with the most Christmas jumpers worn and an individual prize for the best jumper in each office.

Last year's winning office was the Isle of Man, but jumpers will be worn at PokerStars' offices all over the world, including Dublin, Costa Rica, Malta, France, and even sunny Australia. Here are pictures of a few members of staff who kindly gave me permission to embarrass them let us marvel at their lovely jumpers. Thanks to them!

Holiday - Fabiana Braz.jpg

Fabulous Fabiana

Holiday - Laura Nash.jpg

Lovely Laura

Holiday - Marrissa Wondergem.jpg

Marvelous Marrissa

Holiday - Yadira Zuniga.jpg

Youthful Yadira

Here's one of me, too. Don't ask how much sticky tape, glue, safety pins, and Blu Tac went into this assembly. "Learning how to sew" was never on my Christmas list.

Holiday - XmasJumperJo.jpg

Joyful Jo!

We like the holiday season, and we like competitions. So although we haven't got a Christmas jumper competition for you, we will give you a tip about some festive fun coming your way. Just follow PokerStars Women on Facebook or Twitter, and you'll soon learn news of a holiday promotion.

Happy holidays!

Joanne Bartley
@PokerStars in PS Women