Competitive spirit took UwouldntKnow all the way in SCOOP

Since her team's win at the 1998 European Women's Hardball Championship and their 1999 World Women's Championship, Kjersti Grini has been well known in Norway for her skills on the hardball court. Now she is becoming known in another competitive arena with her recent win as UwouldntKnow at the PokerStars $215 Stud Event # 11-M where she cashed for over $12K.

A professional hardball player for most of her life, Kjersti began honing her skills in poker a few years after her championships in hardball. She started playing online poker about 10 years ago and was already familiar with the game since, as she commented, "I have known the poker rules since I was a kid, as my uncles, father, and older brothers used to play the old Five-Card Draw."

Kjersti says that she enjoys the psychological aspect of the game and the rush of adrenaline she gets from playing. "I miss the competition and kick of big moments [from playing hardball], and poker gives me that kind of action." The "tactics that come into play" in the game are a big part of what she loves about poker, along with the "nerve" required in some situations.

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Her win in this year's SCOOP was no fluke for Kjersti, as she has cashed in a previous EPT event (2005 EPT Baden 7-Card Stud) and final tabled some of the $100K Guarantee tournaments on PokerStars. Moreover, she barely missed final tabling the 6-Max Rebuy event a few days after her SCOOP win, bubbling in that one. In addition, she has won a previous PCA package to play in the Bahamas.

But there is one thing that has eluded her in her success on PokerStars. She is very anxious to play a PokerStars Women Live event and is looking forward to that experience. "What I enjoy the most is playing live. I have never played a PokerStars women's tournament but would really love to! I played all the EPT tournaments one year and the WSOP Main Event, but never the big ladies events." If past success bears out, that will be something that changes soon. With her competitive spirit and the nerve she has displayed on the hardball court, it probably won't be long until we see Kjersti adding another championship title to her name -- this one a PokerStars Women Live tournament.

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Kjersti's life is not all about poker however, and when she's not playing poker, she says that she spends most of her time with her family. "Outside of poker, I have two lovely kids, ages 4 and 5, and most of my time is spent with them."

With several PokerStars Women Live events still to come this year, we look forward to seeing Kjersti at some of the final tables, where she will hopefully become as recognizable in poker as she is in handball. Until then, keep up with all the upcoming events and all the women of PokerStars here. And to see daily updates, access the PokerStars Women Facebook page and the Twitter feed.

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