From leisure player to "serious stuff" with cardkahleesi

When Agnes Archibong-Omon picked up a magazine that day a year and a half ago and turned to an article about online poker, she didn't realize that it would change her life, but it did. Agnes is a Nigerian citizen living in Istanbul and, at that time, had never played poker. But that day, as she read about how much money online poker grossed in a year, was a turning point. It was "an astronomical amount," as she remembered, and "that's all it took to get me involved."

When she started out, it was "more of a leisure activity," but today she plays between six and eight hours a day and keeps a spreadsheet to document her progress. The self-taught player talked to PokerStars Women recently that she now plays much more competitively. "It is safe to say poker for me is now serious stuff," she remarked.

It's the rush of winning that makes it all worthwhile for her, and when she placed second in a tournament on PokerStars for $2,440 about a year ago, she realized that she had turned a corner with poker. She has made several final tables since then and enjoys playing a wide variety of tournaments on PokerStars, including a regular schedule of daily MTTs. "The rush you get when making the occasional deep run and finish in the top two percent of a huge field . . . that does it for me every time," she said.

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Agnes also enjoys playing the new Women's Daily Special NLHE 6-Max tournament that is offered twice daily. It has a buy-in of only $5.50, and satellites are available to each tournament (6:00 ET and 14:00 ET). "It's usually relaxing to sit down to play the Women's Daily Special, as they always have a friendly atmosphere. I've never had a woman cuss me out for rivering them," she remarked.

In addition to playing poker she enjoys chatting with others about the game, and last year, she won the PokerStars Best Live Tweeter award and a trophy for her tweets during last year's WBCOOP. If you want to keep up with Agnes on a daily basis, you can find her at @cardkahleesi on twitter. Or better yet, chat with her (screen name: cardkahleesi) during one of the many online tournaments she plays on PokerStars daily.

You're also likely to find her at the Women's Tuesday tournament or the biggest event of the week for PokerStars Women, the Women's Sunday. Look for the pink entries under the "Tourney/All" tab in the lobby. Details about all these tournaments can be found here.

For more info on what's going on with female players at PokerStars, check out the home page for PokerStars Women.

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