Great swag and good friends make PokerStars Women's Club a win-win

Who doesn't like getting together at a regular time each week to play poker and chat with friends while polishing their poker skills? Sitting in your favorite comfy chair with your preferred beverage and snacks close at hand makes it even better. When you combine that with some great swag and the chance to play even bigger tournaments you have some of the components of what makes the PokerStars Women's Club a winning combination.

Ima Notellin, or Margaret as her friends call her, says that playing at PokerStars Women's Club offers certain advantages that can't be found in other tournaments. Meeting new friends and visiting with regular players is part of it, but the skills learned in these tournaments are skills that are essential to all players. "It's a great place to learn and not break the bank," she commented. She likes knowing that many of the same players will show up, and the fact that she gets to profile their play doesn't hurt either. "Knowing your opponent is certainly an advantage, and the smaller fields are nice, too." She also likes knowing that as a result of the smaller numbers, the tournaments won't keep her up all night.

Margaret - Club.jpeg

The freebies she gets from her earned club vouchers are also nice, as Margaret tells us. She has scored some PokerStars swag in the form of shirts, track pants and handbag hooks as a result of playing the club tournaments.

The confidence in her game she has earned is an even more important by-product. She plays the Women's Sunday often and has cashed and made a final table there. Her sights are now set on playing the PCA next year. She hopes to win a satellite for her trip to the Bahamas and the chance to win a life-changing tournament. She looks forward to meeting some of her online friends at the luxurious Atlantis resort in January.

Margaret is just one of many women who are learning the game in the Women's Club while meeting new friends. The PokerStars Women's Club offers free tournaments, play money tournaments, and micro level buy-ins at the $0.10 or $1.10 levels. The tournaments run daily, and up-to-the minute information on times and schedules can be found on the PokerStars client by clicking Tourney/All and searching for PokerStars Women's Club. All the tournaments are listed in pink. PokerStars Women's Club vouchers can be earned by playing in the tournaments and can be redeemed for various items including clothing, iPhone cases, and more.

For more information on the PokerStars Women's Club or anything related to women in poker see the PS Women home page, where you will find the latest news, interviews, and information about upcoming live events. And for daily updates on what's going on at PokerStars Women see our Facebook page.

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PS Women