Hang out with Team Pros for Women's Sunday's Birthday Hangout!

It's almost here! The Women's Sunday Birthday Special is on Sunday, but we want to celebrate with all of you on Saturday. Just beware of the champagne; it sneaks up on you, and you don't want to play on Sunday with a hangover. (A friendly warning from someone who may or may not know what she's talking about.)

You've been participating in the freerolls this week to win your tickets to satellites or directly into the Women's Sunday. We hope you've had fun and won your way closer to a seat in our big Women's Sunday Birthday Special. A $20K guarantee and $100 bounties on the Team Pros is bound to be a great time.

And we received the birthday cards, pictures, and greetings that you sent to participate in our birthday competition. We are waiting for our judging panel to choose our two $55 Women's Sunday seat winners, and everyone else will be awarded a $5.50 satellite ticket for their awesome efforts.

That brings us to Saturday, the day before the big tournament. We'd like you to join us for our first ever PokerStars YouTube Hangout broadcast.

Date: Saturday, March 23
Time: 14:00 ET

The lovely Sarah Grant - of PokerStars.TV and PokerNews fame - will host the 30-minute chat. Team Pros scheduled to appear are Liv Boeree, Celina Lin, Fatima Moreira de Melo, and Adrienne Rowsome. And special guests from the PS Women community will be Katie Dozier and Jennifer Shahade.

Jen Shahade - ChampagnejsJer.jpg

Jen Shahade ready with her champagne

You are all welcome to join, as you can simply go to www.YouTube.com/PokerStars. YouTube requires that you enter your birthday, and if you check out the site before Saturday, you'll see a picture of Rafa Nadal, and that is never a bad thing. On Saturday, you will see our live broadcast ready to go, and we look forward to your comments and questions in the section below, some of which will be relayed to our guests.

UK Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree said: "I'm really looking forward to this special weekend. The double guarantee tournament is great value and the YouTube Hangout is a really cool idea, which will help build a sense of community among players. I can't wait to talk about poker with anyone who joins the live stream."

"I'm very excited about the Women's Sunday Anniversary tournament," added Celina Lin, from Team PokerStars Pro Asia. "I'm looking forward to having a chat with everyone leading up to the big event."

Oh, and did we mention that there will be a women-only freeroll after the YouTube broadcast? We'll announce the password to those who "hangout" with us on Saturday.

It's a party weekend, so we hope to see you on Saturday for the "Hangout" and Sunday for the big tournament. The Women's Sunday Birthday Special is set for its regular time of 14:30 ET, with a fabulous $20K guarantee and $100 bounties on the PokerStars Team players.

See you there!

For more information on the Women's Sunday, visit this page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women