How can we change the overall poker picture?

Home poker games have been a staple in Hollywood for many years. Recently, actor Owen Wilson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on American television and talked about his own home game in Maui, Hawaii.

Sometimes, the game is held at musician Willy Nelson's house, others at basketball coach Don Nelson's place. Wilson added that fellow actor and friend, Woody Harrelson, doesn't always know the rules of the games, which can lead to some arguments.

Wilson mentioned that the game mostly consists of men, though Willy Nelson's wife, Annie, sometimes hosts her own game. "Their game is a lot of laughter, and it's like penny ante, and it's just a good feeling. In our games, there's a lot of arguing, tearing up the cards."

Don Nelson commissioned this painting, done by artist John Woodruff, to include many of the regular players in the male game.

Maui poker painting.jpg

This brings up some interesting questions.

Which home game would you rather play in?

All-male poker games can be tough with tempers sometimes flaring. On the other hand, some say that all-female games can be filled with a lot of emotion, while also playing for much lower stakes than men.

Would you rather play in a high-stakes game with male egos at the table, or a lower-stakes game with a group of women?

How would you update this picture?

The above painting reflects the antiquated view that poker is a man's game. This is certainly no longer true in most cases. Updating this picture could include substituting famous Hollywood poker players like Jennifer Tilly, Cheryl Hines, and Mimi Rogers, just to name a few.

Jennifer Tilly.jpg

Who else would you include in a Hollywood picture?

If this was the home game of your dreams, who would you want in the picture - male or female?


We want your feedback.

The painting is a very creative one, and it is reflective of one home game with some famous faces. However, with the rise of women in poker, it seems that some changes to the painting would make it more reflective of today's poker world.

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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