K1R5TY14 keeps crushing, from modeling to poker

What does a poker player look like? Kirsty Buttle is often told that she doesn't look like one. Perhaps people expect a young man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. Maybe they look for an elderly gentleman in a cowboy hat. But we in poker learned long ago that there is no one way for a poker player to look. They come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, and genders. And sometimes they're unrecognizable when burrowed into a PokerStars hoodie, like Kirsty here.

Kirsty Buttle 3.jpeg

Her first introduction to poker came from her father. Kirsty was 15 years old, and her father brought a chip set home and taught her the basics of the game. "I was intrigued and really took to it," she said. And when an opportunity came for her to work in the gaming environment at the age of 18, she was happy to build on that knowledge and gain more.

Kirsty's poker career has spanned more than a few years, though she doesn't play on a full-time basis. She spends her days as a deputy manager in a women's wear shop in Harrogate, and she enjoys modeling as a hobby. Fashion is her passion. "I get to meet a lot of interesting people, photographers, models and designers, and I get to travel, too, which is good. There are long days, and it isn't as glamorous as everyone things. It's hard work and very tiring." But she'