Katie's Anatomy of a Sunday Grind: October 13

After watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" on Saturday night, I was more excited about the prospect of a golden SNG during the Carnival of Tournaments than Charlie Bucket when he found a golden ticket! With my goal of playing about 225 MTT SNGs this Sunday, I figured my chances were a lot better than his, too.

But, there was a problem on Sunday morning. I felt a lot like the kids probably did after eating their way through pounds of sugar at the chocolate factory (even though I, sadly, hadn't touched a bar of chocolate). But missing my favorite day of the week to play, even with a high fever, simply wasn't an option to me.

To combat the feeling that I was grinding in the North Pole, I put on four pairs of sweatpants with six sweaters. The top sweater was orange, so I looked rather like an Oompa Loompa. A random Internet site suggested that eating raw cloves of garlic could help, so I forced myself to down a few. I squeezed about a thousand limes into a glass of seltzer to drink and brushed my teeth with baking soda. I'm lucky that no website suggested painting my face orange because I probably would have done that, too!

Once at the tables, I put on my game-face - and tried to forget about my nearly hot-pink-with-fever actual face - and started loading tables. I figured that I would mainly play MTT SNGs this session, considering that I'm trying to hit Supernova in time for the November 16 freeroll, and because of my obsession with maximizing my chances of getting a golden SNG.

Usually, it takes me about 30 minutes to pull up the 30 tables I'm grinding these days. Instead, in 20 minutes, I found myself 40-tabling a wide mix: a couple of MTTs, a bunch of 27-mans, a plethora of 45-mans, and a whole gaggle of 180s. The $35 180-mans were loading more quickly than I've ever seen (about 25 ran during my loading time, as opposed to around a dozen the week before). I was managing to keep up with the heavy game load, but when I got short-handed on a few tables, I had a few misclicks on my other tables.

Instead of clicking my hot-key to raise here, I accidentally open-shoved and initially grimaced when I got action. But, as a foreshadowing moment to the success of my day, I actually got it in good and held!

My first win came in the form of a ladies' winner-take all satellite for $160, and meanwhile, the biggest ladies tournament of the week (the Women's $55 Sunday) was off to a good start because of this hand:

Versus a tight opponent that was very unlikely to raise a draw (or set) on the flop, I actually wasn't as in love with my top two on the turn as I would have been versus a lot of other opponents -- and, therefore, elected to take a pot-control line. This time, though, my river overbet shove was not a misclick!

Suddenly, I found myself at final table after final table of MTT SNGs -- including at the highest buy-in of these formats that I play: the $35 180-man. The break started in time to allow me to respond to my opponent's kind "gl."

Katie Dozier - Oct screen shot.png

He typed in a smiley, and then despite my cheeky one-liner, I lost a flip and got in 15 blinds with ace-four to his ace-ten for second place.

Since my husband, Collin, and I play many of the same formats, we often end up at the same table and bust each other with high frequency, as we know more about each other's game than perhaps any two other poker players in the world. After this hand I played versus Collin, I found the time amidst 35-tabling to type in a sassy "kiss" emoticon:

Soon after, I got the screen of death on my computer, and I was sitting out of all of my tables for about six minutes. It turns out that my computer couldn't handle the 45 tables I had running!

When I finally got everything working again, the sound from that many tables beeping at me for action was an ominous hum reminiscent of a thousand swarming bees.

Fortunately, I got back in time to get max value from six-high on a double-paired board heads up:

I also took a bad beat in the ladies $55 to bust and luckily was unaware that I busted the Sunday Million in a cooler (because when my computer started working again all of my tables were in a random order).

As the day went on, I won around nine tournaments for a total of about 40 final tables! In absence of a large MTT score, it was the single best day I've ever had from playing MTT SNGs.

Even though I didn't get a golden SNG, the promotion aided me in a ton of ways. My games were undoubtedly softer, the tourneys were loading super fast, and it motivated me to play on a day that started out with me feeling awful. By the end of the day, I was so happy that I'd crossed the 15,0- tournaments-for-the-year mark that I almost didn't care how poorly my body felt or how ridiculous I looked wearing enough clothing for four people.

The day concluded with an exciting rail of Talonchick (Team Online's Adrienne Rowsome) deep in the Sunday Million. As I watched her victimized by bad beats and coolers, she maintained her famously positive outlook. This made me realize that the most important thing for optimal clarity while playing isn't how your body feels but how much of a positive attitude you can bring to the table.

So even if I didn't get a Golden SNG, I still feel like I got a golden ticket this past Sunday. And with almost a week left in my favorite promotion of the year on PokerStars, I still have a lot of chances to "unwrap" something golden!

Katie Dozier
@PokerStars in PS Women