On the move with talonchick for WCOOP

Adrienne Rowsome, or "talonchick" as she's known online, is a pro at juggling lots of tournaments at one time as a member of Team PokerStars Online. Adrienne is an Omaha specialist, who was grinding out wins at local casinos years before it became popular online, so she seemed like the perfect person to give us some insight on how a pro makes it all work. In the interview below, she shares some details about last year's World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), how the mobile app made it all easier, and her plans for this the 2013 WCOOP.

PSW: I know that you played a lot of the WCOOP tournaments last year on your mobile devices. Can you tell us a little about how that worked?

Adrienne: Last year I played all of my Omaha and Hold'em WCOOPs from the mobile app. I used an iPad for the most part but did end up playing some from my phone . . . that was a little small! The best part of playing from the mobile app was the freedom to roam around. What I found most interesting was that, on the mobile app, I was more attentive to the game. When playing on my computer, I sometimes fall victim to browsing Twitter and other social media websites. I kept the mobile app open all the time to not miss a hand!

Adrienne Rowsome sickest setup.jpg

PSW: I know you ran into some challenges last year trying to get home and the mobile app really saved the day. I'm wondering if you could elaborate a little on that and tell us if you ran into any other hiccups along the way?

Adrienne: Some of the mobile challenges occurred when I lasted longer in a tournament than my battery did on the device. Then I still played "mobile;" however, mobile became relative to the length of the power cord.

I played from a variety of locations, mostly around the house, whether in the kitchen, in bed or on the patio, but I did play some away from home. I had flown back to Edmonton for a weekend visit and was due to fly home early Sunday morning, which would have given me plenty of time to register for the $700 NL and the Sunday Million, but my flight got cancelled. I decided then to change my flight to Monday morning instead. That afternoon, it was perfect that I was mobile, as I got to go enjoy some slo-pitch and extra time with family. Things didn't work out quite as I expected though. Here's my video (below) explaining why. In the end, everything ended up all right, but it was certainly an adventure.

PSW: About the WCOOP in general, after playing a few of these, is there anything you will plan to do differently this year?

Adrienne: I will stay fairly mobile this year, playing mostly on my laptop. I've spent a bit more time looking at setting a schedule. I want to make sure I keep it manageable, so that I don't miss any tournaments and will be rested for some deep runs! I look forward to playing the mixed game tournaments but have been spending time working on my NL Hold'em game, so don't count me out there!

PSW: Are there any special preparations you're making in planning for this year's WCOOP?

Adrienne: I made sure to take lots of time off from work this September. In years past, it has been a bit exhausting to work all day then come home to register for a tournament that I was looking forward to. This year, I have been fortunate in that I have the flexibility to only make myself available on days where I won't be bracelet hunting.

PSW: How do you decide which tournaments you want to play?

Adrienne: Usually, if it has anything other than the word Hold'em in the title, you can count me in! A series like WCOOP is so important for a mixed game player, as it is one of the few times a year you can get to play your favourite games with a really significant prize pool. It is a great time to showcase some of the new games, too. I am most looking forward to Courchevel H/L. Check it out; it's a lot of fun. Who doesn't like to see one of the flop cards before you have even put in a chip!.

PSW: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Adrienne, and good luck in the WCOOP. We hope to see a bracelet coming your way.

For more about Adrienne, see her bio at PokerStars Women. And click here for details on the upcoming WCOOP, including the schedule of events and how to qualify.

WCOOP satellites are running now, so now it's time to get your entries squared away for the tournaments you want to play. For info on how to score some free tickets and be in the running for a PokerStars Women Live package to next year's PCA, see Jennifer Newell's recent article here. Good luck, and may the cards be with you!

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