PCA 2013: Day 2 begins with 6 at final table

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is winding down in its last days, and the Women's Event is in the midst of an exciting final table.

Of a 66-player starting field on Saturday, the final table of nine was set late in the evening hours with the final eight players in the money.

Tracy Rouse had a tough run as that table got underway, losing much of her stack when Valerie Jensen's queens cracked her aces. Rouse doubled up several times but finally lost her run with kings cracked by Lexy's Gavin's queens when a queen hit the river. Rouse accepted the eighth place finish and $2,560. Xuan Liu then followed her out when her A-Q lost to the A-K of Gavin, and Liu cashed for $2,800 in seventh place.

Day 2

Play resumes today at 13:00 ET with six players, who are seated as follows with their chip counts:

Seat 1: Bernadette Martino (65,800)
Seat 2: Valerie Jensen (129,900)
Seat 3: Lexy Gavin (79,000)
Seat 4: Jamie Kerstetter (106,300)
Seat 5: Corina Lupascu (100,000)
Seat 6: Marguerite Spagnuola (179,600)


She may be the oldest player at the table, but she is one of the most tenacious. With little familiarity with the English language, she is fluent in poker and has a 2012 EPT San Remo Ladies Event final table to her credit. She was incredibly focused on Day 1, and we'll look for the same concentration from her today.



For a woman with no official tournament results, Valerie knows what she's doing at the table. She sported the brightest pink hat on Day 1 and kept her mind in the game throughout the day. The occasional visits from husband Greg seemed to help with inspiration, she seems happy to be at a final table as her husband was only days ago. He finished sixth and donated most of his $286,200 winnings to the victims of the recent Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut.

Lady with hat.JPG


Her personality kept the action moving throughout a long first day of play, clearly excited about the tournament and her chances to win. Lexy's multi-colored hair was tough to miss, and her poker skills were undeniable. She lost some chips at the end of Day 1 but has all of the momentum to reclaim those chips today.



Jamie is a member of a female group of poker players known as the Grindettes. She is an accomplished full-time player who has more than $277K in lifetime live tournament earnings, not to mention her online successes as "AndTheLawWon." One of the most experienced women at the table today, she was recently featured in numerous poker articles, including this one from PokerNews. Her supporters are railing from around the globe and cheering her on as she looks to add this Women's Event title to her long poker résumé.

Jamie Kerstetter.JPG


Hailing from Bucharest, Corina is one of the quietest players in this event but intensely focused on her game. Her list of poker credits includes some deepstack tournament cashes in Las Vegas, as well as a 2011 World Series of Poker cash. The quiet ones are sometimes the most dangerous, so her opponents are likely keeping a close eye on her today.



A look at Marguerite's poker results shows a well-rounded player with a solid amount of experience in ladies-only tournaments. She won one at the 2010 WSOP Circuit in Atlantic City, and she most recently final tabled the Ladies Event at the Borgata Poker Open, ultimately finishing third. As the chip leader going into today, she fully intends to keep her head cold at bay and her chips continually on the rise.


The current payout schedule looks like this:

1st place: $22,420
2nd place: $14,080
3rd place: $8,320
4th place: $6,080
5th place: $4,480
6th place: $3,200
7th place: Xuan Liu $2,880
8th place: Tracy Rouse $2,560

Play resumes in moments to play to the win. Stay tuned for updates!

Photo credits and thanks to Carlos Monti.

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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