PCA 2013: Dinner to 2am leaves six women vying for Event 31 title

It was quite the day here at the PCA, and the night got more exciting as the women neared the money, burst the bubble, and played for a bit before the clock told them to quit for the night.

Event 31, better known to us as the PCA Women's Event, attracted 66 players for a prize pool of $66,000. By the time six levels passed and the dinner break came and went, the field had been cut in half.

Post-dinner numbers dropped the number of players to 26, but it took a bit of time to reduce it further. As Level 9 came and began to go, however, the field was thinned to 18 players when qualifier Jan "jamjars69" Combes exited in 19th place.

The 17th place elimination of Kim "fergie56" Kilroy allowed them to condense the tournament to two tables. Those players were seated as follows:

Table 1

Seat 1: Lexy Gavin
Seat 2: Marguerite DeLisa Spagnuola
Seat 3: Stephanie Ampelikiotis
Seat 4: Alexis Gilbard
Seat 5: Lily Kiletto
Seat 6: Raena Janes
Seat 7: Vanessa Peng
Seat 8: Corina Lupascu

Table 2

Seat 1: Geri Casey
Seat 2: Erika Moutinho
Seat 3: Valerie Jensen
Seat 4: Tracy Rouse
Seat 5: Bernadette Martino
Seat 6: Wendy Davis
Seat 7: Xuan Liu
Seat 8: Jamie Kerstetter

A big hand then developed on Table 1 after the K♦6♦Q♦ flop had been dealt. Lupascu bet 6,100, and Ampelikiotis raised all-in for 28,900 chips. Kiletto pushed all-in as well, and Lupascu called both players with 6♥6♠. Kiletto had K♠Q♠, and Ampelikiotis showed K♥J♠. The turn was 5♦ and river A♣, and Ampelikiotis departed in 16th place.

Kiletto was crippled down to 400 in chips, and her T♠7♣ lost to the Q♦T♣ of Spagnuola on the very next hand.

Spagnuola doubled through Gilbard, and Janes did the same through Gavin. Gilbard couldn't recover, as she soon pushed all-in with A♦T♥ against the J♣J♦ of Lupascu. The 8-Q-5-8-T board eliminated Gilbard, who won a side event during this PCA, in 14th place.

Casey risked her tournament life with K♥Q♥ but ran into the A♥A♦ of Martino, leaving Casey out in 13th. Things then moved rather quickly, as Janes departed in 12th, and Davis' pocket fives fell to the pocket sixes of Spagnuola to bust Davis in 11th. Rouse eliminated Moutinho in tenth. At the same time, the other table had Peng raising with A♠5♠ to 4,200, and Spagnuola called with pocket fours. The flop came 3-4-T with two spades, and Spagnuola checked. Peng bet 5,700, and when Spagnuola raised, Peng pushed. She missed her draw, and the set of fours won the pot for Spagnuola. Vanessa "minko23" Peng, the last of the PS Women qualifiers, bubbled the tournament and departed in ninth place.

Vanessa Peng.JPG

Vanessa Peng

Final table

The seating arrangement at the final table was:

Seat 1. Bernadette Martino
Seat 2: Tracy Rouse
Seat 3: Xuan Liu
Seat 4: Valerie Jensen
Seat 5: Lexy Gavin
Seat 6: Jamie Kerstetter
Seat 7: Corina Lupascu
Seat 8: Marguerite DeLisa Spagnuola

Rouse started strong with a stack of more than 70,000, but A♥A♣ was cracked by the Q♠Q♦ of Jensen on an exciting board of J♥T♣K♦Q♥K♣. Jensen's full house crippled Rouse to a stack of less than 6,000. Still supportive on the rail was Rouse's wife, 11th place finisher Wendy Davis, and friends. Rouse then doubled through Liu with Q♠J♣ over 8♥8♣ on a 5♥9♠A♠2♥J♥ board. Rouse doubled again when she moved all-in with 13,300 holding J♣T♠, and Lupascu called with 4♥4♦. The board of 8♠9♦A♥2♥T♣ gave Rouse another double.

Rouse looked down at K♣K♠ and pushed again from the cutoff, and Gavin called from the big blind with Q♠Q♥. But the board came 4♦5♠4♥A♣Q♥, and the river cracked the kings, leaving Rouse out in eighth place with $2,560.


Tracy Rouse

Shortly after, Liu pushed her stack of less than 25,000 all-in with A-Q, but the A-K of Gavin held up to send Liu to the cashier cage for her seventh place payday of $2,800.

Xuan Liu 1.JPG

Xuan Liu

Level 12 then ended play for the night, and these are the chip counts:

Seat 1: Bernadette Martino (65,800)
Seat 2: Valerie Jensen (129,900)
Seat 3: Lexy Gavin (79,000)
Seat 4: Jamie Kerstetter (106,300)
Seat 5: Corina Lupascu (100,000)
Seat 6: Marguerite DeLisa Spagnuola (179,600)

Marguerite DeLisa Spagnuola.JPG

Marguerite DeLisa Spagnuola, chipleader

The current payout schedule looks like this:

1st place: $22,420
2nd place: $14,080
3rd place: $8,320
4th place: $6,080
5th place: $4,480
6th place: $3,200
7th place: Xuan Liu $2,880
8th place: Tracy Rouse $2,560

Play resumes at 13:00 ET on Sunday, January 13. Join us for the action as our tournament plays to a winner!

Photo credits and thanks to Carlos Monti.

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
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