Planning for the EPT season with Fatima

When it comes to making plans for the upcoming EPT season, we knew that PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira De Melo would have the answers. Fatima has already racked up major wins in the competitive sports world of field hockey, where she won Olympic gold and bronze medals. Her recent endeavors have turned to poker, and since competition and analysis seem to be part of her DNA, we decided to ask her how she plans for the events.

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With the first event coming up soon in Barcelona (August 27 to September 7) and stops in London, Prague, the Bahamas, Deauville, Berlin, San Remo, and Monte Carlo to follow, we asked Fatima about her favorites, along with some tips on how PokerStars Women players could make the most of their time, money, and effort in playing the satellites.

For our part, we have made it even easier to win a package to your favorite EPT stop this season. For the first time, players who win a PokerStars Women Live package can apply the prize money to the location of their choice instead of winning a specific package. That means €1,100 to use toward any Women's Event €300 + €30 buy-in, along with the remaining €770 to apply toward expenses. Just choose the location of your dreams, win a satellite, and you're there. And if you're skilled enough to win more than one package, that's even better. There's no limit on the number of packages you can win.

Read on for Fatima's answers while you start planning your own EPT adventure.

PSW: Which stops in the upcoming EPT season do you plan to attend?

Fatima: I'm probably going to Barcelona, London, the PCA, and Monte Carlo, and maybe Berlin as well.

PSW: Which is your favorite stop and why?

Fatima: Barcelona is my favorite, of course, because last year I finished 16th there, which was my best EPT Main Event result so far. But I love the modern European cities, and the exotic flavors of the Caribbean appeal to me, too.

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PSW: Do you plan on playing the Women's Events?

Fatima: I usually play them when I've busted out of the Main and I know there's going to be a good field size. For that reason, I usually prefer playing the PCA and Monte Carlo.

PSW: In your opinion, why should women play the EPT satellites to win an entry into an EPT Women's Event?

Fatima: It's just a really nice opportunity to experience the feeling that comes with being part of the EPT.

PSW: Is there anything that first-time players should know?

Fatima: Don't let the pros intimidate you!

To enter the satellites for any of the upcoming EPT PokerStars Women Live events, just go to the PokerStars lobby and click on "Events" then "EPT, " and finally "Cash Satellites." You'll find the PokerStars Women Live satellites listed. Satellites are running now, so it's time to get started if you want to be there for some of the most glamorous events in the poker world. Join us in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, or any of the other amazing stops along the way.

To find out more about the satellites and other details about the events, along with the latest news and features go to our PokerStars Women Live page. And to get daily updates on what's going on at PokerStars Women, see our PokerStars Women Facebook page.

Rebekah Mercer
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