Play Poker Anywhere? PokerStars Mobile says yes!

Your desktop computer is tough to move around, with cords and heavy equipment. It's tough to take it to the couch with you to relax. Your laptop is more convenient, but it takes up a lot of space on the kitchen table, and it's not easy to put in your purse. What is a woman to do?

That mobile phone or tablet that you conveniently carry with you is the answer. PokerStars Mobile is one quick download away, no matter if you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. And with that quick decision, you have poker anywhere!

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The women of PokerStars know the importance of convenience. Busy lives require their favorite game to be available on the go, and they talked to us about PokerStars Mobile.

Where do they do it?

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin uses her mobile app when something important takes her away from home. "When you are still in a tournament, instead of blinding out, you can take the tournament with you and continue playing, and even win!" Fellow Team Pro Vivian Im says that waiting on something or someone is now easier because "you can enjoy playing PS on your phone and not waste time."

Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander uses her mobile app around the house. "I play on my iPad/iPhone when my mom calls to get downstairs for dinner because my parents don't like it when I bring my laptop."

Fatima Moreira de Melo uses the phone often as well: "I use it when I'm in the middle of a tournament and have to step out to get some food." She also added, "When my laptop decides to stop working or my Internet connection dies, I just switch over to the mobile app."

Team Pro Leo Margets ends her sessions with PS Mobile: "I sometimes switch from computer to iPad when I only have one or two tables left after a session, then I'll go horizontal on the sofa and hold the iPad instead of the laptop. It makes life much easier!" But even more, she confessed, "I've used it in the weirdest places, like traveling on a train or in the doctor's waiting room."

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Margets often multi-tables her poker action by using her mobile app in live tournaments. "At, most of the Sunday tourneys are two days, so if I make it to Day 2 on a Monday, I might not be home when they restart, so using my iPad is really convenient."

Lin also likes to keep maximum action at her fingertips. "I play may live tournaments, and sometimes when the action slows down, I like to load up four tables on my iPhone and play a few SNGs." That, friends, is called dedication to the game.

Why do they recommend it?

Moreira de Melo said it simply: "It's just a quick and handy option. And you don't need to carry a big device with you in order to play; it fits in a little purse!" Van Brabander also mentioned a necessary component: "It's fun! The app is very easy and user-friendly!"

Im agreed with that sentiment. "You can't always carry around your laptop. Smart phones are something you always carry around. It can't get any more comfortable than this." Lin added, "It is the perfect way to pass time while traveling, whether on a long train ride or at the airport waiting to board a flight."

And Margets made an important point when she said, "I think it's super convenient for both men and women. If you like doing more than one thing at a time, playing with the iPad or phone 100% allows you to do that!"

And what about you?

We want to hear your feedback on PS Mobile! So, here's our question to you:

What do you love most about PokerStars mobile?

Tell us why mobile is the easiest way to play your favorite online poker games. Send your answers to, and we'll award $11 women's tournament tickets to the 10 best replies.

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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