PokerStars Women: An Online Poker Birthday Gift

Turning 21 last December was not only fun for the lovely cake and presents I received, but also because my sister gave me $100 on my PokerStars account to play some online poker.

I would first watch some of my sister's games, and she explained every hand she played and why. Also, in live events, she's like my private coach who tells me the players to watch out for and how to play against some people whose game play she already knows. I was amazed by how many tables you can play at once online; making fast decisions is important in online poker. You can tell that these games are so much faster than real-life poker.

Charlotte & Camille 3.jpeg

The first tournaments I played, and still play, are the micro ones of $1.50 buy-ins or less. This shows that poker is for everyone and not only for the rich. If you love to play, PokerStars really offers a really big range of buy-ins so that you can adapt your game to your budget. I'm really happy that my sister introduced me to online poker. It's the perfect weekend entertainment, or it can be a really short break from your daily tasks to play a one-table turbo.

The game play online is quite the same in many ways, even though I believe that it has a whole other feel to it. You don't have the contact with the other players as much as in live poker, and you can't read their faces. This makes it harder to know when someone's making a bluff. You can only try to remember how they played their previous hands so that you can read their game play.

All I can say is, if you like poker and are looking for a quick play that you can have everywhere you go, try online poker! Even if you don't play poker yet, the freerolls are a perfect way to learn the game

I'll see you online!

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Camille Van Brabander
@PokerStars in PS Women