PokerStars Women Quiz - We have a winner!

Over 1,000 women entered the PokerStars Women quiz; the competition was offered via PokerStars Women's Facebook page and challenged players to answer five poker questions for a score based on accuracy and speedy answering.

The 100 highest scores were placed in a giant hat (or computer equivalent), and a random winner was drawn.

And the winner was (drum roll please!) Dutchess06. Marijke 'Dutchess06' de Vrieze's prize is a £1,100 package to play an EPT Women's Event.

Marijke said, "I've always loved quizzes, and I didn't even realise whilst playing I could win an EPT Woman's Event ticket! Unfortunately, I can't play the EPT London event due to a wedding, but I'll try to play the next EPT Woman's Event. Thank you, PokerStars!"

Marijke's quiz score was boosted by her typing skills. She said, "I suspected I was among the fastest because I knew all the answers, and I can type pretty quickly. Poker is a big part of my life, so fortunately, I knew the answers straight away."


It turns out Marijke is pretty nifty at playing tournament poker as well as answering questions about it. She is a regular in PokerStars Women's Sunday and a repeat winner of our Sunday tournament.

"I was lucky enough to have won the Woman's Sunday three times over the past few years! I remember the first time I won; there were only about 35 players. I'm really happy to see so many more women playing these days! I always try to include the women's tournaments in my regular tournament schedule. Most women actually want to improve their game, and I love that kind of atmosphere at the table."

It seems the win will encourage Marijke to try to convert her online success to a live victory. She said, "This win is the push I needed toward playing live tournaments, so thank you! I'm really happy with the quiz win, but winning an actual tournament is still a 100 times better because there's no better feeling than playing a tournament well and taking it down!"

Congratulations to Marijke for her quiz success. We hope she converts her prize into an EPT win.

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Joanne Bartley
@PokerStars in PS Women