PokerStars Women: TCOOP advice from the pros

Today is the first day of the second running of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. The next 10 days offer 50 tournaments and a cumulative guarantee of $15 million.

TCOOP is appealing to a crowd that varies a bit from WCOOP, SCOOP, and MicroMillions in that most of the turbo events are completed in three or four hours. Without having to commit the usual eight or more hours, players who have other jobs and responsibilities are more likely to play.

Quite a few women tend to participate in TCOOP because they can fit a tournament into a busy schedule, whether that includes a job, schooling, or familial obligations. While the kids are in school, a person can play a tournament or two. After work, a cup of tea and a TCOOP can be a good way to wind down the day. And the money up for grabs in a series such as this can make all the difference to a family in today's society.

In addition, players can get into any TCOOP tournament for a fraction of the buy-in due to the vast availability of satellites. Keep in mind that there were 1,450 players in last year's TCOOP Main Event who won their seats in satellites, and 191 of them cashed.

Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander juggles school and poker, so she knows the value of a turbo tournament as it works well with her schedule.

"My advice is not to be scared. Players cannot wait forever for good hands, so you have to look for spots to put on the pressure. Look at the stack sizes of your enemies and make a play. Short stacks will be ready to gamble a little more!"

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Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome played the first TCOOP series in 2012 and enjoyed it. "Tournament series like SCOOP can be quite long and quite a grind. TCOOP is nice because you get to play those same big-field tournaments, but you don't have to commit that much time to them. It also gives you a chance to make it or break it a little earlier." She also has more specific advice:

"If you're playing a hold'em variation, play tight in the beginning. Once the antes come in, you can start getting after pots a little bit more. There's a lot of value in finding positions where you can do more than just steal the blinds. You can reraised somebody and put a lot of pressure on their stacks. Even if you're uncertain about what to do and just want to put your chips in the middle, that's okay, too, because it's a very hard maneuver to play against. It's all about picking up chips and winning your flips."

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And finally, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso thought of something quite important:

"Don't tell anyone it's your first time."

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With that, we'll let you get to your tournaments. TCOOP is underway today. Best of luck!

Check out the TCOOP website for the schedule and qualifiers for each event.

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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