Pokerstars Women's Club: Free Chocolate Celebration

What happens when something new launches? There might be a party; people celebrate with champagne and share good food.

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PokerStars Women's Club launches on January 7th. We want to celebrate, but we have a problem... Our game is online, and people are scattered to all corners of the globe. A party just won't work. Champagne is hard to pour to every nation in the world at once. So, food it is!

We're going to send 1,000 boxes of PokerStars Women's Club chocolates to random PokerStars women. Not everyone will get one, but we'll spread as much chocolate happiness as we can.

If you're not one of the 1,000 lucky women, there is another way to get your hands on free chocolate; you can ask us for a box on Twitter.

Simply follow @PokerStarsWomen on Twitter and tweet, "I'd like a box of @PokerStarswomen chocolates because ..." Tell us why you'd like a box of delicious handmade chocs, and add the hash tag #PSChocBox.

We'll send boxes of chocolates to 100 people who tweet this line. We don't mind if you're a man or woman; we just hope you like chocolate.

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We should explain that there is one additional reason for this free chocolate plan. We believe more women should try poker but don't understand why they haven't begun playing yet. So we devised PokerStars Women's Club to encourage new women to play poker for the first time, since it's all about friendly low buy-in games with neat added prizes.

So how do newbie women learn about PokerStars Women's Club? We'd like you to help.

There is one condition of the PokerStars women's Club free chocolate offer. If you win a box, we ask that you share a chocolate (just one!) with a woman who's never played poker before. We want you to share a chocolate, then tell a female friend why playing poker is fun.

Obviously we can't check up on you, there's no way we'll ever know if you ever complete the request. We just trust you.

We hope PokerStars Women's Club chocolates will celebrate the launch of our PokerStars Women's Club, and spread chocolate/poker fun to new PokerStars women.

If you're a poker-playing woman, look out for those free chocolates - 1,000 boxes will be dispatched soon! Follow PokerStars Women on Twitter for more news of PokerStars women's Club and delicious free chocolate.

• Free chocolate boxes are available to 100 people picked at random who tweet:
• I'd like a box of @PokerStarswomen chocolates because ... #PSChocBox.
• To be eligible for a prize you must follow PokerStars Women on Twitter.
• We reserve the right to send alternative prizes when winners are based in locations where food imports are restricted.
• Winners will be selected at 11:59pm ET on January 6. Any tweets after this date will be ineligible for the promotion.
• All Twitter winners will be contacted via their Twitter name with instructions for claiming their prize. Winners must respond within 7 days or they will forfeit the prize.
• All who receive a free box of chocolates must share a chocolate with a female friend who's never tried poker before.*

*Ok, this rule isn't enforceable, but it will make us very happy if you give it a try. Thanks!

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women