PS Women in March: Tournaments, Omaha, and a Birthday - Oh My!

March was a whirlwind month. From big tournaments like the MicroMillions 4 and WBCOOP to our Women's Sunday Second Birthday, there was a constant flow of news and excitement for PokerStars Women.

Women were especially recognized in March, first on March 8 for International Women's Day. A special infographic demonstrated the growing number of women in poker and recognized some of the best women in the game today, as well as other interesting statistics. Later in the month, Rebekah Mercer took some time to recognize Women's History Month with some background on poker pioneer Poker Alice and some examples of the amazing women of Team PokerStars Pro.

Poker Alice.jpg

Poker Alice

We had fun in March with the annual running of the World Blogger Championship of Poker (WBCOOP), where players submitted blog posts for tournament tickets and played for SCOOP seats, prizes, and good ol' cash. Many of our PS Women players participated and had fun with it, especially katerina289, who won the best female blogger award of $500 and recognition for her writing.

MicroMillions 4 was also a hit among all PokerStars players, with records set and more than $9.5 million paid to players over the course of the 100-tournament series. There were also some women who starred in the series, such as yana-11k, who won Event 4 for more than $10K. And let us not forget roxieforu05, who was involved in a four-way chop at the end of Event 42, for which she claimed more than $6,500.

The month even wrapped with the first-ever Omaha Week on PokerStars, when we were able to feature Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and her passion for Omaha games. It was also the perfect time to launch two new weekly women-only Omaha tournaments - a $5.50 PLO at 15:00 ET on Thursdays, and a $1.10 PLO at 15:15 ET on Sundays.

And the popularity of the PokerStars Women's Club continues to grow, as more women get in on the action every week to win cash and prizes.

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Happy Birthday to Us...

One of our favorite things is the Women's Sunday, the weekly $55 NLHE tournament with a $10K guarantee and $50 Team Pro bounties. This month, it was even more exciting because we celebrated its second birthday!

First, let's look at the results of all of the March Women's Sundays:

March 3
Players: 344
Prize pool: $17,720
Winner: WakkaAce (Denmark) - $3,300.68

March 10
Players: 268
Prize pool: $13,400
Winner: mtt_baller (Peru) - $2,592.90

March 17
Players: 296
Prize pool: $14,800
Winner: slimlady23 (UK) - $2,104.80

March 24 - Women's Sunday Birthday Special
Players: 641
Prize pool: $32,050
Winner: COBYHbR (Ukraine) - $5,881.45

March 31
Players: 251
Prize pool: $12,550
Winner: lovely denny (Romania) - $2,566.58

Now, go back and look at the March 24th event again. That was our big event with a $20K guarantee and $100 bounties on the members of Team PokerStars. The turnout was phenomenal, which pushed the prize pool to a record high of $32,050! In addition to the tournament, we had other birthday festivities, like freerolls, a photo competition, and a live YouTube Hangout with Ms. Rowsome, Celina Lin, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Jennifer Shahade, and Katie Dozier, all hosted by the birthday-hat-wearing Sarah Grant. A recap of it all was posted here, and we'll repost the video just in case you missed it:

Getting to Know You/Us

It's always fun to get to know PS Women players, not to mention some of the women behind the scenes at PokerStars who make the community one to be proud of.

This month, we met Jeanne David, who is the Responsible Gaming Manager for all of PokerStars. From her own love of poker to her background in social work and addiction, she plays quite a large and important role in the safety and care of PokerStars players.

We also got to know a bit about our newest Team Pro, Leo Margets. And we caught up with the quiet Vivian Im. Also, Vanessa Selbst went on reddit for a session of "Ask Me Anything," and her fans certainly did.

Sandra Naujoks discussed the perks of living in the country, and with Amadeus. Vanessa Selbst was also kind enough to give fans a peek into her life in London.

Katie Dozier contributed her second edition of the Sunday Grind, an in-depth look at a Sunday full of tournaments from a regular and dedicated player. She then explained her recent full-time move to Mexico in order to play the game that she loves. Jen Shahade also took us to Israel, where she goes for family, friends, and online poker on PokerStars.

Jen Shahade - TelAvivCafe.jpg

Jen Shahade in Tel Aviv

Women with Something to Say

Whether these women of PokerStars had something to say in writing or through their actions at the poker tables, they gave us a great series of articles in March:

Celina Lin suggested ignoring the ladies of poker at your peril.

Tina Abery captured the EPT London Women's Event title.

PokerStars extended a hand of congratulations to Vanessa Selbst for her recent accomplishments, along with a tribute video.

Charlotte and Camille Van Brabander discuss sibling revelry.

Vanessa Rousso talked about her NBC National Heads-Up Championship experience.

Celina was back at the computer to tell us about Macau and Cebu tournaments.

Adrienne Rowsome revealed her quiet marriage and FPP-funded honeymoon.

Liv Boeree, Leo Margets, and other Team PokerStars Pros ran up quite a few steps to raise money for charity.

Liv and Leo - Vertical Rush.JPG

Vertical Rush Team

Thanks for joining us for the wild ride that was the month of March! Keep your eyes peeled in April for player interviews, satellites for the PS Women Live event in Monte Carlo and tips for players heading to Monaca in May, and all of the excitement from EPT Berlin.

For all information pertaining to PokerStars Women, visit our website and links here .

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in PS Women