PS Women: Rose Genest on friendships, travel, and poker

Rose Genest's (screen name rcgs59) love affair with poker began 37 years ago when she watched from the sidelines as "a bunch of old men" played poker in her aunt's bar in Niagara Falls. The game of choice for that group was Stud, so she watched and learned, and when she turned 18, she joined them. Her hours of study paid off for her in the form of a secret weapon because, as she recounts, "by that point, I had learned their tells." At 23, she visited Las Vegas for the first time and had a rude awakening. "Back then it was like, 'You belong in the kitchen, honey, or home making babies instead of playing poker,'" she recounted.

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The veteran poker player from Ontario, Canada, is currently looking forward to playing the WCOOP when it starts this Sunday, September 8. "For sure, I will be playing WCOOP. My plans are for playing Stud, HORSE, 8-Game, and a few NLHE. This is the biggest event of the year, so I want to do my best in them." Like most players, Rose commented that she plans to play as many satellites as possible to win her seats.

These days, Rose plays mostly to relax and have fun, but the "competition and psychology behind the game" are the factors that keep her coming back. She has been an enthusiastic supporter of PokerStars Women from the outset and frequently plays the Women's Sunday, which she has final tabled several times this year. Her biggest score to date was the package she won to play the 2011 Ladies Event at the PCA in the Bahamas. The story of how it all worked out, along with that awful bad beat, was written here.

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Rose is a solid supporter of women's events and plays them frequently, along with various open events. She says that the social part of playing with women is something she cherishes. "I have made some awesome friends from playing with the ladies. We chat on Facebook, Skype, and talk on the phone to discuss game strategies, or sometimes just our daily lives." She also likes to help out "newbies" by teaching them "how to play in position and not with ace-rags!"

For our interview, Rose reflected on how her approach to poker has changed over the years and the kinds of opportunities it has opened up for her. "I play both online and live and enjoy playing both. Mostly live, I play NLHE, with a few mixed games if I can find them. When I travel, I try to find places that have a poker room so I can play. I also try to improve my game by reading books, watching poker-related TV shows, and by joining poker online schools. I love the strategy behind the game, so I want to bring my game to its highest level, even if I am just a recreational player. As for opportunities, it has opened my life to some great friendships and travel."

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This final comment from Rose summarizes her commitment to the game: "I love the game of poker for the competition, the psychology, the never-ending quest to improve, the advanced and sometimes minute complexities not everyone sees when they play, and the enjoyment of succeeding after giving all your energy to reach a goal that may at first seem unattainable, but that you find a way to make possible."

We wish Rose and all the other women who will be competing in WCOOP the best and look forward to writing about them.

We will also be tracking the progress of women in the tournament to determine the Woman of the Series, who will win a package to the 2014 PokerStars Women Live event at the PCA--a package worth $3,500. For details on how that can be you, see details here, and get all of the information on the WCOOP series here.

For more on how players like Rose got involved with poker and why they continue to play, see this article that explores the history of women in poker and the motivations that drive them.

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