The long-awaited Women's Sunday win for luckyno75

The $55 Women's Sunday has been a fan favorite of female players on PokerStars since its inception. Not only is it an opportunity to gather with like-minded women for poker on a Sunday, but it is a prestigious tournament title that is unlike anything else offered in the online poker world. Luckyno75 of Romania wanted to win it.

And on June 23, she did it.

The wait for victory wasn't for a lack of trying. Luckyno75 made three Women's Sunday final tables in 2011, two of those recorded as second-place finishes. She made another final table in 2012, and she set out to improve even more in 2013. In the very first Women's Sunday of the year, she finished second for $1,740.00. A few months later, she took third place. And on June 23, she made another solid run, this time taking the chip lead into the final table.

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Having left the frustration from past final tables behind her, luckyno75 was more determined than anything. She eliminated all but one of her opponents at the final table, taking a significant chip lead into heads-up play against karaurmanec of Bulgaria. It didn't take long for luckyno75 to carry her momentum into the winner's circle, and she won $2,045.00 for the feat.

Luckyno75 is no stranger to the PokerStars tables in general, having started playing four years ago. She quickly learned that tournaments were not only her forte, but they were thrilling. "The adrenaline of the final tables is addictive, and so is the feeling of winning a tournament," she told us.

She also knew that improving her game consistently was key to getting to those final tables. "I have studied a lot and played even more," she said of her poker journey. While admitting that she could have started studying earlier, she recruited some coaching, as well as the help of her friends. "I spam my friends with hands a lot and have them vote on them," she admitted. "I just feel that even if I came a long way, there's still such a long way to go until I'm happy with my game. It's really complex and in continuous change, and you have to keep up with that."

Open tournaments are luckyno75's preferred way to spend time at the tables, but she enjoys the women-only games as well. In her experience, she seeks out the "softer" final tables, but she doesn't mean that in an offensive way, she pointed out. She wouldn't play the Women's Sunday if it wasn't enjoyable. "I never miss a Women's Sunday," luckyno75 said. "I buy-in directly."

As for most poker players, balance is important for luckyno75. She spends a lot of time with friends, especially cooking for them. Traveling and shopping are also high on her list of leisure activities.

Poker is her passion, though. Luckyno75 feels fortunate to play and to be surrounded with supportive people, as well as those who help her improve her game. It may be the most important component of her success. "I have lots of friends to talk poker to. I do believe this is very important for one to get better."

Is she content with just one Women's Sunday victory after so many attempts? The answer is a simple: No.

Luckyno75 will continue to play and look for another win to put on her virtual mantel. Watch for her in upcoming Women's Sundays, as she looks to capitalize on her momentum and win again. Soon.

To take your seat alongside luckyno75 in the Women's Sunday, visit the tournament home page for buy-in and satellite details.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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