There's an app for everything - and that means PokerStars!

I remember my excitement when I got my first iPhone. I called him Ian the Phone. I downloaded game apps, organisation apps, cookery apps, music apps, travel apps, and even an app that simulated a fish pond. That's for when you need to watch fish swim around on your phone. You could make rain drops splash in the water!

The thrill of downloading every app that caught my eye didn't last long. Now I regularly have app culls and delete all my unwanted apps. I get a cruel kick from holding down my finger until the little cross appears, and then I watch the poor little apps shiver and squirm as if they're terrified I might choose to delete them. And yes, if they're not up to scratch, I do hit delete. That fish pond is long gone. I'm sorry, fish.

In a world of apps for everything, only the best apps deserve a place on your screen.

Ian the Phone.jpg

PokerStars Mobile app needs no fear of deletion. It's a fine app and deserves a long and happy life on anyone's phone or tablet. But don't take my word for it... Last week, we asked Team Pros what they thought of PokerStars on Mobile, and here are the views of some more PokerStars women.

Mariale_1990 says, "PokerStars for Android is the best. It can be a bit tedious sitting at my laptop or desktop, especially when I spend hours playing. Now I play on my tablet, I go to the kitchen and play while I prepare dinner, or sometimes I want to watch TV and play at the same time. It's also been a great help when a family member needs to use the computer. Playing on my tablet is so much easier!"

Ana Martin adds, "It's very simple; I carry PokerStars with me anywhere, I play any time , and it's easy. I love it!"

Psych nerd22 has a confession to make about her mobile play: "Mobile poker is the easiest way to play my Sit and Go because I can play where I'm not supposed to! I can't download PokerStars on a campus computer, but they can't stop me from playing using their wifi on my phone. Now I get to play poker at school and feel sneaky (smile). And with a three-hour gap between my classes, what am I supposed to do, study? Don't think so! Plus, if people see you playing, you look super cool!"

StaceyP says, "Mobile poker is more convenient. I take PokerStars EVERYWHERE I go. Before the app was released, I could only play at home; now I can play in the park, on the train or bus."

We'll give the last word to grannyfish97. Maybe she has a poetry creator app on her phone? Here's her rhyming praise about PokerStars Mobile:

If I quite fancy a brew
If I want to go to bed
If I need to stir the stew
Or watch TV instead

No worries about sitting out
If I want to sit outside
I can say, without a doubt
With PokerStars Mobile I'm not tied

Call, stir, fold, whisk
Raise, pour, chat, chop
Play it safe, take a risk
Waiting for that perfect flop

A holiday, a weekend break
On one thing you can depend
My iPad is the thing to take
The mobile app - my best friend

There are a whole lot of extra reasons to download PokerStars Mobile app this month - 'round about $250,000 reasons. The Poker Anywhere promotion means you only need to earn 10 VIP Player Points playing PokerStars Mobile app on your tablet or phone to be entered in a sweepstakes with cash and iPad prizes.

PokerStars Women will bring you news of a special Poker Anywhere promotion for women next week, so watch this space! In the meantime, you can find details of the Poker Anywhere and how to download PokerStars Mobile on this page.

Special thanks to everyone who wrote to PokerStars Women and told us why you're enjoy playing PokerStars on Mobile.

Joanne Bartley
@PokerStars in PS Women