Think back 10 years with Vanessa Selbst

The tenth season of the European Poker Tour is underway as the EPT Prague begins in the Czech Republic. Poker players from around the world gather for the festival of tournaments, and we couldn't help but think of the EPT 10 celebration.

This video helped:

Ten years ago, PokerStars Women wasn't even a glimmer in the eye of the online poker world. Even live women-only tournaments were extremely rare. Now, there is a Women's Event at each stop on the EPT (and many other tours as well), and PokerStars Women welcomes new female poker players to the PokerStars tables every day.

But let's think back, just as players like Vanessa Selbst did in the above video. "Ten years ago," she recalled, "I was just playing the game for fun with my friends." Even five years ago, she thought she was amazing as a player but is much better now. And in those years, she has developed as a person and player. "It's my career, it's my biggest passion, and it's taken me so many amazing places all over the world."

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What were you doing 10 years ago?

How has your life changed since you began playing poker?

Has poker changed your life - how you live it or look at it?

We want to know! Please share your poker stories, thinking back from 10 years to the present day. Let us know on our Facebook page or by emailing us at Be sure to include your PokerStars screen name (or your real name if you prefer), as we'd like to feature your story in a January article for the blog.

To get us started, I'll share my own:

Ten years ago, I was working in the accounting office of the World Poker Tour in Los Angeles. My dreams of becoming a writer encouraged me to do some writing on the side for the WPT, like player bios for the website and promotional articles for poker magazines. Eventually, I built a portfolio of articles, shopped around for freelance work, and said goodbye to the 9-to-5 job in favor of writing about poker for a living. I'm lucky enough to still be doing that today, as I've worked hard through those years to become a better writer and hone my craft.

Now, it's your turn. We look forward to hearing your 10-year stories!

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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