Fly your country flag in the Women's Sunday

Every day on PokerStars, players show pride in their countries. They participate in table chat to support players from their countries and even write notes in their native languages (between instructions to keep it English only!). Now, the "Support Your Country" promotion is offering custom country avatars for every player.

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This weekend, we'd love to see those country avatars all over the Women's Sunday tables. Represent your country over the slopes of chip swings and the mountains of chips that can take you to the final table. Just look to the PokerStars lobby, click on the "Support Your Country" banner, and click the "Get Avatar" button. (You can always get your original avatar back at a later date.)

Ladies, then join us for the February 16 Women's Sunday on PokerStars. In addition to the regular $10K guarantee and the $50 bounties on members of Team PokerStars in the field, we have an added bonus for this Sunday only.

Win an Entertainment Pack

Each one of the nine players who makes the Women's Sunday final table this weekend will win an Entertainment Pack. That includes five free PokerStars tournament tickets worth up to $11 and an entry into the February 24 All-in Shootout for a chance to win your share of $120,000!

Normal prize pool winnings will be unaffected by the contest and distributed as usual.

Win a World Record Ticket

As you know, only one player will win the Women's Sunday, but there's a reason to cheer for your country-mates this week. The February 16 winner will win for all players from her country, as everyone in the tournament from that nation will win a $1 ticket to the February 23 World Record Tournament!

Example: JaneDoe is from Malta and wins the Women's Sunday this weekend. Every player from Malta in that tournament, no matter where she finished, will be credited with a $1 seat for the World Record Tournament.


This promotion has Terms & Conditions, so glance through them, won't you?

• This promotion involves the $55 Women's Sunday on February 16 only.
• The Women's Sunday tournament only allows female PokerStars players to compete.
• Prizes are distributed solely on the basis of the official standings in the Women's Sunday tournament, unaffected by any chops or final table deals.
• Entertainment Packs and World Record tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash value.
• There are no alternative prizes.
• Please allow 48 hours after the Women's Sunday for prizes to be distributed.

While you're watching the television this weekend to see competitors representing your country, check out the PokerStars tables as well. Country avatars are already popping up all over!

Get your avatar, satellite your way into the Women's Sunday, and cheer for your country in this weekend's event.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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