PS Women Live wants to know: Are you ready for Monte Carlo?

As 2014 moves quickly through February, PS Women Live thought it a good time to start thinking about Monte Carlo. With only two months before the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final, it's time to launch some satellites!

Starting now, PS Women Live is offering €2,600 prize packages to the Women's Event in Monaco, which begins play on Saturday, April 26. The packages include the €1,100 buy-in to the tournament, three nights' hotel accommodations, and expenses.

Each Sunday through April 13, there will be a Weekly Final satellite at 14:00 ET with one €2,600 prize package guaranteed each week. Players can buy in for €215 or qualify throughout the week via lower buy-in satellites.

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Last year, Irina Batorevich of the Czech Republic won the Women's Event in Monte Carlo, outlasting 34 other women. This year... That trophy and prize money could be yours!

Just last month, several women trekked from colder regions of the world to the Bahamas for the PCA, each having won their prize package through the PS Women Live satellites.


PokerStars player Wanda is a 54-year-old married woman from Toronto. She had more time to play over the past three years with her two sons off at university. And as a cancer survivor, she knew how to take bad beats in stride. Her original aggressive cancer diagnosis gave her only a 40% chance of living more than two years, but that was in 2005. After quite a bit of treatment, she finally stopped taking her medication and lives happily nine years past that terrible diagnosis.

Wanda approached poker with the same strength and positivity. She tried several times to win a PS Women Live package to the PCA last year, but then took the free PokerSchoolOnline class on SNGs. "The lesson changed my game quite a bit, and then after a little practice, I WON!!!"


As a writer in Stockholm, Eva knows all too well how cold Swedish winters can be. So the victory in a PS Women Live satellite to head to the Bahamas in January was the perfect remedy. She did have some troubles getting to the Caribbean, however, as bad weather in New York for her layover delayed her arrival to Paradise Island.

Even so, her poker-player instincts kept her going. She has played poker live for more than three years and about 2.5 years online, and she hopes to become a full-time pro in the future - "If I can dream a little," she said.


Online poker is a staple in Evelyne's life, and the Bahamas was becoming quite the habit as well. She won her PCA Main Event seat online at PokerStars in 2012, and she won her Women's Event seat for this January.

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She commented to PS Women that she was "soooooooo looking forward" to the Bahamas again. Her home temperature of -24 degrees Celsius (with a -38 degree windchill!) was a big motivator to escape Canada for a while, but the poker at the PCA was the main draw.

Monte Carlo is coming up quickly, and we'd love to hear your stories when you win the PS Women Live satellite! Get all of the details here and let us know how you do.

We'd love to see you in beautiful Monte Carlo!

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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