Boku hits his stride once again

Hi Everyone,

After a tough start to August, things have started to pick up over the last few days. I haven't quite found my former rhythm again yet as the sessions are still shorter, and not as regular as they used to be, but I am starting to get back into my stride. I played 1,200 SNGs this past week - I know that sounds like a lot, but the plan is to play at least 2,000 per week, so at the moment I'm falling well short of my target.

However, in saying that, that past week has actually gone quite well. My bankroll is now up to $17,272, I have already 94,000 FPPs in my account and tomorrow I will cash in my second $1,500 bonus. Also, PokerStars have now introduced breaks for the 45/180-man SNGs. At first I thought that that's only bad for my hourly rate, but now I really love these breaks. I can go to the toilet without much of a problem during a session and therefore play for more than 7 hours in one go whilst also drinking litres of water without a problem. I don't think it affects my hourly rate either - I open all tables anyway, and the 5-minute break only means that the SNGs are longer and I play a few more tables at the same time on average. My volume stays roughly the same though.

Including the $1,500 bonus I will have reached $18,700, and with 12 more days of August left, $30,000 should be possible. After a not so positive start to August, things certainly now seem to be picking up again!

Speak to you all again soon!

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