Mission Accomplished!

So on Wednesday the 19th May I finally finished the challenge. After a little over 10 months and nearly 45,000 tournaments, my bankroll finally reached $100,384!

About 50% of my profits came from the tables, while the other 50% came from FPPs and Milestone Bonuses and other benefits and promotions like the Battle of the Planets Leaderboards (http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/battle/) and the Turbo Takedown (http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/turbo/) consecutive Cash promotion. I also won about $1,000 in cash games but that didn't have much of an impact.

It was a much tougher challenge than I expected and I have had to put in a lot of volume lately, but I think I proved that it is possible to turn a very small amount, like $5 in this case, into a very big amount such as the $100,000 I have achieved here, and that it is possible to do that within a year if you put enough effort into it.

The secret to being successful it to continually try to play, always work on your game and try to improve. If you do this, and if you put in enough hours, you also have the chance to build up a big bankroll. That's what this challenge was all about - to proof that it is possible to build a huge bankroll from very small amounts.

Thank you for following my challenge over the past 10 months, and best of luck at the tables!

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