The Social Power Table


How does the performance of the world's top poker pros relate to their social media success?

We wanted to know if a player's popularity with social media followers had anything to do with how successful they are in the game.

So, we worked with social monitoring tool Followerwonk to find out. Below, you will find the 2014 Social Power table, which will explain how some of your favorite players stack up among the social media elite.

* FollowerWonk's social authority is a 1 to 100 scale that describes the influence a profile has on Twitter. The influence of a profile is determined by the retweet rate of the users' last few hundred tweets and how recent those retweets are.

** Likealyzer Score: Uses more than 40 signals from facebook including the number of likes a page has, as well as the average number of shares, likes and comments per post.

*** The data for this table was collected on the 20/06/2014.

The PokerStars Social Score is found by adding FollowerWonk Social Anthority + Like Rank from + 10 for each social channel the user has (4 max), at which point a score out of 100 is calculated.

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