Hard Currency: Everything you wanted to know about the casino chip


There are thousands of chips at the bottom of Nevada's Lake Mead. At 500 feet deep, it's a good place to put something you don't want to see anymore, whether it's a poker chip or, you know, a body. How they ended up there is part of the story of behind Hard Currency - The Life and Death of a Casino Chip, a brand new interactive and, frankly, quite beautiful look at where chips come from and where they go to die (the lake, for what it's worth, is no longer a legit means of disposal).

This article was originally dreamed up by the folks over at PokerStars' online casino. While we here at the PokerStars Blog typically focus more on the poker side of things, this caught our eye anyway. As poker players, we've riffled our fair share of chips without spending a great deal of time wondering about where it's been and where it's going. (Honestly, sometimes we don't want to know where a chip has been...)

Even though we've had thousands of chips in our hands over the years, there was a lot in Hard Currency to learn. Among the many stories in the piece is the one of a big chip heist from Las Vegas that turned out to be completely worthless and a story of a one-time successful cheater who--like all of them--got himself caught.

So, if you have a few minutes, head on over and give it a look. Feel free to riffle some chips while you read.

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