A chip and a chair - When underdogs become heroes

Everyone loves an underdog. We love to root for them, and we love the thrill of watching them prevail in the face of adversity.

Anyone who plays poker has the odds stacked against them every once in a while. Maybe you just got all-in with a small pair vs pocket kings and are looking to spike a two outer, or you've lost the majority of your stack on a sick cooler and are left with just a chip and a chair.

Being the underdog isn't always fun, but overcoming catastrophe makes it all worth it in the end. After all, victory tastes best when served on the river.


Remarkable Recoveries

Over the years, we've seen some phenomenal rebounds in the world of sports that seem almost mythical in retrospect.

Lass Virin Takes a Tumble

Anyone who lived through the 1972 Olympic Games will remember the seemingly disastrous fall that Finnish runner Lass Virin took in the 10,000 meter final. After the face-plant heard round the world, Virin literally chased the competition to victory.

Jack Straus "Treetops" His Way to Triumph

Who could forget the legendary tale of how Jack "Treetop" Straus came from behind to win the 1982 World Series of Poker Main Event? After finding just a single chip left in his stack, Straus defeated the competition in one of the most unusual circumstances in poker tournament history.

Liverpool's Last-Second Upset

In 2005, Liverpool F.C. felt lucky to have even made it to the Champions League final to face A.C. Milan. Down 0-3 by half-time, the English football club went on to shock their fans in overtime with a breathtaking comeback that seemed impossible just moments earlier.

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