Game On: Take a tour of the world's favorite games

While poker may be the world's most entertaining card game, it's not the only fish in the gaming sea. From traditional games like Pinball and Dominoes to more obscure pastimes like Tarneeb, games are played in every corner of the world, often in bars or cafés.

So if you are sick of playing the same old games, we've put together a map to help you spice things up in your local pub.

Class up the joint by adding a 2,500 year old Chinese strategic game to the mix, or bring in some history by playing a game that was once a favorite of Leo Tolstoy. Of course, there's always the classic bar game that was made infamous by Chandler and Joey on primetime TV.

No matter what your taste, this World Games Map has you covered.

Games Map44.jpg

With over 30 games from the United States to the UK to the Middle East explained, this interactive map provides all the rules you need to get started, along with a little history you can use to impress your friends. We'll leave the strategy on how to beat them up to you...

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