Increase Your Chip Stack by Decreasing Your.... Pant Size?

Have you looked around a poker room lately? Like, really looked?

You might be surprised by what you see. Players who have fallen victim to sedentarily splashing chips for hours on end are now becoming the minority. Nowadays, the world's top pros are fit and active, and they're adamant that being physically healthy helps improve their results at the poker tables.

Healthy Tips from Poker's Top Pros

Team PokerStars Pro and all-time biggest money earner Daniel Negreanu has been a long-time advocate of clean eating and staying in shape in order to conquer his opponents on the felt. With many other extremely successful poker players following Negreanu's lead it is becoming clear that there is a correlation between physical and mental health, and success at the poker tables.

Jason Mercier is another PokerStars Pro who embraces a healthy lifestyle as a way to elevate his game - over $16 million in tourney winnings would imply that it's working. He's a big advocate of one simple trick that anyone can easily adapt on a nightly basis in order to help boost their health.

Team Pro member ElkY works out regularly and makes sure to eat right on the tournament trail while practicing regular meditation. However, he maintains that the most important tip for keeping your head in the game doesn't always require a trip to the gym.

Want some useful tips from the world's top poker pros on how to stay in shape and raise your game? Find out all the benefits of adapting a healthier lifestyle by reading up on the cerebral benefits of getting healthy.


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