Poker Etiquette: Are you guilty of breaking proper form on the felt?

If you're like most people who are new to the world of poker, you probably have one game on the brain: Texas Hold'em. Good choice - it's the most popular poker game on the planet, and you won't have trouble finding a Hold'em game in almost any card room.

The rules of Texas Hold'em are also very easy to learn, and it's extremely likely that you've seen the game plastered on your TV screens over the last decade, so you probably feel like you know the basics. You're ready to sit down in a game and let the chips fly, right?

Well, maybe.

Waltzing into a poker room or clicking "join table" online can be an amazing and empowering experience for a newbie, but it can also feel a little intimidating. Ultimately there is a lot more to know than the basic rules of the game you are playing, and understanding proper poker etiquette will help you feel that much more comfortable on the felt.

Poker Ps and Qs Aren't Always Obvious

Whether you've played poker for decades or have just picked up the game in the last few months, you might be guilty of committing a breach of poker etiquette at one point or another.

Sure, most of us understand that slow rolling is bad form, but how well do you adhere to common courtesies at the poker table? Find out by reading up on The Top Five Breaches of Poker Etiquette.

Some of these might not be as obvious as you think.


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