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Eureka2 Latvia: Day 2, Level 19 -20 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000 ante 1,000)

12.55am: Overnight chip counts

Seat 1. Zvorimir Zoric, Bosnia and Herzegowina, PokerStars Qualifier, 293,000

Seat 2.Vitalijs Tarhanovs, Latvia, 236,000
Seat 3.Gary Clarke, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 391,000
Seat 4.Valtteri Merikallio, Finland, 579,000
Seat 5.Joni Nenonen, Finland, 716,000
Seat 6.Dariusz Paszkiewicz, Poland, 1,068,000
Seat 7.Sam Macdonald, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 738,000
Seat 8.Normunds Rumba, Latvia, 95,000

12.35am: Marko Martinkovic eliminated in ninth place (€ 6,060)
After a raise to 20,000 from Joni Nenonen, Marko Martinkovic moved all-in for 260,000 and was swiftly called by Dariusz Paszkiewicz, when it folded back to Nenonen he folded his hand.

Martinkovic: K♣Q♥
Paszkiewicz: Q♠Q♣

The board came 8♥3♦6♠6♦A♠ and Martinkovic bubbled the official final table. The eight remaining players will return at 1pm local time to play down to a winner. Overnight chip counts and a re-cap of today's play is on the way.

12.20am: They think it's all over...it's not yet
Sam Macdonald opened to 20,000, Normunds Rumba then moved all-in for 206,000 and Gary Clarke then moved all-in for 186,000 total, Macdonald left them to it.

Rumba: J♥J♠
Clarke: A♠Q♠

A 5♥A♥K♠Q♥3♣ board kept Clarke alive and all but felted Rumba.

The very next hand Macdonald again opened to 20,000, Rumba put his last 18,000 into the pot. He got a call from Clarke before Joni Nenonen made it 62,000 total. Back on Macdonald he moved all-in for over 400,000 and everyone else folded.

Macdonald: A♠Q♦
Rumba: T♠T♥

The board ran 9♣3♥9♠5♦6♣ and Rumba basically quintupled up to around 100,000.

12.10am: Last level of the day
We're now into the tenth level of play and Tournament Director Toby Stone has informed players this will be the last level of the day, although one suspects that Stone doesn't think the entire level will be needed.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000 ante 1,000

12am: Unofficial final table re-draw and chip counts
Below is the seat draw of the final nine players and their approximate chip counts.

Zvorimir Zoric 370,000
Vitalijs Tarhanovs, 300,000
Gary Clarke, 230,000
Lauri Valtteri Merikallio, 650,000
Joni Christian Nenonen, 850,000
Marko Martinkovic, 270,000
Dariusz Marek Paszkiewicz, 900,000
Sam Macdonald, 475,000
Normunds Rumba 315,000

11.45pm: Martins Shulte eliminated in 10th place (€ 4,040.00)
The final nine players are now convening around one table as Martins Shulte has just been knocked out in 10th place.
From the button Valtteri Merikallio opened to 20,000, Shulte moved all-in from the big blind for around 120,000 and snap call from Merikallio. There was a pause whilst a hand at the other table finished, when it had the cards were turned over.

Merikallio: Q♣Q♠
Shulte: 4♠4♦

The board of J♠T♥2♣7♥Q♠ didn't help the Latvian and he headed to the rail.

11.38pm: Algirdas Saveikis eliminated in 11th place (€ 4,040.00)
There will be no repeat final table for Algirdas Saveikis in Riga. The Eureka Bulgaria runner-up was all-in with against Valtteri Merikallio's pocket nines. On this occasion the pair held up and now just 10 remain.

11.30pm: Nenonen extends lead
Joni Nenonen is now sitting in front of a stack of around 850,000 whilst Sam Macdonald is down to 430,000. Occam's razor suggests those two are connected.

11.20pm: Down to 11
A short stacked Andrejus Jakovlevas is the first casualty of level 19. He three-bet all-in for 10 big blinds with A♣7♣ and the original raiser - Valtteri Merikallio - made the call with and flopped a 10. Jakovlevas collects € 4,040.00 for his 12th place finish.

When nine players remain they'll combine round one table, but the official final table is eight handed.

11.15pm: Chip counts
Here are the counts of the remaining 12 players at the start of level 19.

Joni Christian Nenonen, 672,000
Sam Macdonald, 618,000
Dariusz Marek Paszkiewicz, 581,000
Zvorimir Zoric 508,000
Marko Martinkovic, 323,000
Normunds Rumba 300,000
Lauri Valtteri Merikallio, 250,000
Gary Clarke, 182,000
Algirdas Saveikis, 180,000
Vitalijs Tarhanovs, 179,000
Martins Shulte, 170,000
Andrejus Jakovlevas, 78,000

10.55pm: The final dozen
Just 12 players remain as we enter level 19, the tournament staff have done full chip counts during the break, but from my eyes on count it's close at the top between Joni Nenonen and Dariusz Paszkiewicz, both have around 640,000.

eureka_latvia_day 2_joni_nenonen.jpg

Joni Nenonen

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Lativa: Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

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