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Eureka3 Czech Republic: Bracelet winners and Snowfest champs

As we mentioned earlier, the chip-count page from Rozvodov is likely to be populated on the first couple of days only with the names of people we know (ie, the "name" players) or those with a big stack. It is largely impossible to keep track of everyone at this stage, and they will often be eliminated before we can count them anyway.

Such a fate has already befallen Michael Keiner. The lone Team PokerStars Pro in the Day 1A field was out of it before registration even closed. He has been summarily booted off the list.

But let's just pause to take a look at some of the others who remain.

There would have been some generous Christmas gifts in Marius Pospiech's household last year as he won the Snowfest title in Hinterglemm in December for €50,000. Since then, he has continued picking up small cashes and has amassed a good early stack here. He has more than 40,000 at the moment.


Marius Pospiech: grinning from here to Hinterglemm

Eddy Scharf has been playing this game for a long, long time. He has published results dating from 1996 and won a World Series bracelet in 2001, otherwise known as the pre-Moneymaker era.

But even in the days since 2003, when the game has got remarkably more difficult and the average tournament field has swelled enormously, Scharf has continued to prosper. His biggest tournament score came in the Main Event in 2004 (the Raymer year) where his 15th place was worth $275,000, and he has been to two other WSOP final tables (in 2005 and 2010).


Eddy Scharf, on Day 1A in Rozvadov

Scharf is also a regular face on televised poker shows, both in the UK and his native Germany. That earns him a prestigious place on our chip-count page. At time of writing, he is sitting on about 25,000 chips, but has a new neighbour: Vladimir Geshkenbein has moved to his immediate left, with a stack of more than 40,000.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann also has a long list of tournament results dating from 2003. But until last June, none were greater than $75,000, which meant it came as something of a surprise to find him clasping aloft the World Series gold bracelet awarded to the winner of the $10,000 pot limit Omaha tournament. That was worth $661,000.


Jan-Peter Jachtmann, shortly before busting

Jachtmann has been seen playing some PLO here in Rozvadov this week, but he's also opted to play some two-card chicken. He hasn't exactly enjoyed the best of starts. He has about...ah, no, he's out.

The plan for the day, by the way, is to play eight one-hour levels, with a dinner break at the end of level five. We are currently about half way through that level, which means the kitchen staff should expect a run on the buffet in about 30 minutes.

Latest eliminations: Makai Lajos, Tomáš Brož, Marek Bartoszewicz, Andreas Bölling, Onur Güven, Jia Tse, Jens Oliver Schwan, Aleksander Abutovic, Martin Gaudig, Rafael Cantillo, Peyman Lüth, Domanatas Klimčiauskas, Hoa Bui Chi, Gerhard Manfred Schubert.

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