Give your support to the CARE Ecuador Earthquake Appeal

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador on Saturday evening causing widespread devastation to the South American nation. A powerful 6.1-magnitude quake last night has compounded that humanitarian crisis pushing the death toll towards 600, with many more injured and left in dire straits without water, electricity or basic sanitation. The Ecuadorian government has said that nearly 24,000 people have been left homeless.

Due to the damage caused to the infrastructure of the country, it's very difficult for aid to access those are most in need or even to assess the full extent of the situation. CARE International, who PokerStars have supported in several appeals, have emergency teams on the ground working to ensure survivors have access to basic life-saving support. That means supplying clean water, food and temporary shelter, something we're all fortunate to take for granted.

CARE_Ecuador_22april16_22.jpgDonate to the CARE Ecuador appeal

With your help CARE can continue delivering urgent lifesaving earthquake relief to those affected by the Ecuador Earthquake. We have set up a page where you can use 2,000 StarsCoin to make a $20 donation to CARE. That $20 could provide two families with clean water making a real difference to real people in a terrible situation.

How you can donate
1. Use 2,000 StarsCoin to make a $20 donation
2. Donate directly to CARE international

PokerStars has raised more than $1.15m in previous appeals in aid of CARE International through the Helping Hands programme. Both organisations offer their deepest thanks for past, present and future support.

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