PokerStars Pricing Update

The online gaming business is changing rapidly including on the regulatory front, where we see a generally positive path towards industry regulation countered by bumps along the way. As the industry evolves, we need maximum flexibility and agility to adjust to changing conditions.

Pricing is a key commercial consideration for every business and we will increasingly use a dynamic pricing model that gives the greatest flexibility to respond to market dynamics. Therefore, we will be reviewing and adjusting our pricing, bonusing and promotions, and our Stars Rewards programme on an ongoing basis. The changes we make to our pricing are based upon various factors including customer behaviour, commercial and promotional considerations, and the overall long term sustainable health of the ecosystem.

We will endeavour to give advance notice of such changes whenever commercially reasonable. We are now providing players with notice of upcoming fee modifications in our multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

Starting Monday, March 26, the following changes will be made to our MTT fees:

- Fees are increasing in MTT with a buy-in less than $20

- Fees are decreasing in Time Tourneys, regardless of buy-in

The fee for any PokerStars tournament will continue to be publicly displayed in our client, together with details of the tournament structure.

Tournament fees can be found:

- On desktop clients, open the tournament lobby, click on the 'Structure' tab, and look in the 'Tournament Information' section.

- On mobile clients, click 'Lobby' at the bottom of the app, then 'Show Games' after selecting your search criteria, then simply tap a tournament.

Severin Rasset
@PokerStars in Inside PokerStars