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LAPT Playa Conchal: Level 11 and 12 updates

lapt-promo.gifUpdates from levels 9 and 10 of LAPT Playa Conchal, brought to you by Brad Willis and Change100.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The LAPT tournament structure can be found on the LAPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the prize pool and winners page.

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Blinds: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

4:13pm: Players headed to break

With 50 or so players left in the field, it's break time again.

4:00pm: No doubt, the sickest hand we'll see today
There are few bad beat stories worth listening to. The other night, somone tried to tell us how ace-queen was beat by ace-ten. We didn't blink.

This story, however, is worth telling. It was a K♣5♦4♠ flop. One player held pocket fours for the flopped set. Garoar Geir Hauksson held K♥Q♣. They were all in and the board ran out...K♠...K♦. If you do a little math, Hauksson had a less than 2% chance of winning that hand when the money went in.

The man with the fours stood, looked at me, and said, "My name is Zack. I am the biggest loser in the world."

3:48pm: 10% of the field played this hand
"There's seven players at that table," said Tournament Director Greg Pappas. Six of them are in this hand.

Pappas' eyes weren't deceiving him. Six players saw a flop of A♠9♣4♥. Both blinds checked, and Carmen De Peluso moved all in from under-the-gun. Mattias Bienen Wald moved all in behind her and the rest of the table folded. De Peluso's A♥Q♥ trailed Wald's top and bottom pair with A♦4♦, the turn and river falling the 2♥ and the J♠ to send her to the rail.

With De Peluso's elimination Team PokerStars Pro's Maria "maridu" Mayrinck is officially the last woman standing at the LAPT Playa Conchal with 54 players remaining.

3:48pm: J.C. Alvarado eliminated
Speaking of Fred Dykes, he is now likely the chip leader after sending Mexican Team Pro J.C Alvarado to the rail.

3:46pm: From 3,000 to 200,000 in less than 24 hours
Speaking of Mr. Chugga-Chugga, he just took a tour of the room and spotted his old tablemate Fred Dykes.

"Dude, you were down to 3,000 yesterday!" he exclaimed.

Dykes nodded humbly. So he was. Now he is among the top five in chips.


3:35pm: The Rory Graham Show, Part Dos
Rory "A.J." Graham just busted another player holding A♠8♣ on an eight-high flop. For the past hour or two, he's been mimicking a train with his now infamous "Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga" routine. Now that he has some chips, he has declared. "No more chugga-chugga! Now it's Whooooo-Hoooooooooo!" His train whistle is now the loudest thing in the room.

"I was quiet before," he said. "But you can't wake up a crazy man. I'm awake now!"

3:22pm: The Rory Graham Show
We meet a lot of characters in poker. Guys who wear funny hats, guys with superstitious rituals, heck, one of our own Team Pros puts on a helluva show with a menagerie of plastic sharks. Well, today, we met another. An American living in Costa Rica, his name is Rory Graham, but everyone seems to call him A.J.


Graham opened for 5,000 from under-the-gun. A middle position player raised to 14,000 and the button moved all-in. The blinds folded and with the action back on Graham, he slapped his entire stack into the middle, putting our middle position three-bettor to a decision.

"I go home now. You beat a damn good man. I'm done with it! I don't wanna see any more money! I want Drachmas. They're not worth anything anymore."

The middle position player made an anguished fold, showing Q♣Q♠.

"I got Aces!" Graham screamed.

"Yeah, I know," snapped the middle position player. "F**k!" he shouted, despite making the correct move.

Up against the button's J♣J♠ Graham's A♥A♣ held on the K♣T♠5♦3♠A♦ board.

"SHIP IT! SHIP IT!" he bellowed. "Every last ficha, SEND IT!"

"Man, I wanna smoke this now!" he shouted, chomping on an unlit cigar still inside its plastic wrapper.

3:20pm: Moving on up

We have now moved on to level 12 and 1,000/2,000/200 blinds and antes. Sixty-one players remain.

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

3:08pm: Adios, Akkari
Andre Akkari's lengthy tableside massage just came to an abrupt end when the Brazilian Team Pro ran his pocket eights into pocket kings.


3:05pm: Bolivar Palacios Eliminated
Bolivar Palacios found himself on the wrong end of a coinflip to bring his tournament to an end. All-in before the flop, his J♠J♦ fell to K♦Q♥ when the board ran out queen-high.

3:02pm: The 200 Club
There are currently four players among the 65 remaining who have 200,000 or more chips in front of them.

Daniel Mar Palsson--290,000
Carlos Girou--220,000
Steven Merrifield--205,000
Fred Dykes--200,000

2:57pm: Iceland continues to roll
It's not that we don't know Daniel Mar Palsson's name, but among the media, he has simply become "Iceland." We could also continue to call him "chip leader." We just walked by his table again and picked it up on a J♣K♠8♣ flop. His opponent had check-raised all-in from the blinds. Palsson had to call 26,400 more and did just that.

"Do you have a king?" Palsson was asked. He nodded. "Then I lose," said his opponent, and turned over K♦2♣. Palsson had K♥9♥. It held and he moved up to 290,000.

2:41pm: J.C. Alvarado flushes, then flips
J.C. Alvarado opened for 3,400 from the cutoff and Maximilliano Bassil defended his big blind. Both players checked the J♦4♥2♥ flop. Bassil checked again when the A♥ hit the turn, opening the door for Alvarado to fire out 4,800. Bassil called and they went to the river, which fell the K♥, putting four hearts on the board. Bassil checked to Alvarado, who bet 12,800. Bassil used every trick in the book to try and get a read on Alvarado-- the ol' staredown, the "let me count out my chips like I'm making a call" fake-out, but Alvarado remained stone-faced. Finally, Bassil made the call, Alvarado flipping over his Q♥T♠ for the nut flush. The hand took his stack up to 118,000.

Alvarado hadn't even finished stacking his chips when he made it 3,400 to go on the very next hand. Eduardo Hernandez three-bet to 8,500 from the button, Alvarado moved all in and Hernandez called. It was a classic race with Alvarado's A♥K♠ up against Hernandez's T♣T♦, but Alvarado couldn't outrun him on the J♦5♣4♣4♠6♦ board.

And just like that, Alvarado was back down to 69,000.

2:36pm: Netter nets nothing, apparently
American Tyler Netter looked good to go deep and at least cash in this weekend's event, but like overnight chip leader Rob Woodcock, it's not to be. We're not sure exactly what happened to Netter, but he is gone-daddy-gone.

2:34pm: Iceland grabs the chip lead again
After spending a good part of Day 1 with the chip lead, Icelander Daniel Mar Palsson gave it up before our night was over last night. Now, he's got it back. At this hour, he is sitting on 245,000. That's good for the chip lead and a bit ahead of Steven Merrifield's 210,000.


2:21pm: Alex Gomes doubles
We missed the action but our Brazilian colleagues have informed us that Alex Gomes doubled up on the last hand before the break, his pocket aces holding up against pocket nines. He's presently on 63,000 in chips.

2:20pm: Leo Fernandez eliminated
Down to 17,100, Leo Fernandez open-shoved from the hijack seat, and Ivan Freitez announced that he was all-in as well from the small blind. Freitez's K♣Q♠ dominated Fernandez's Q♥9♦, the board running out K♦7♠2♦A♣5♦ to send him to the rail. Or the pool. Or maybe the bar.

2:17pm: Annnnnnd, we're back
Players are back in their seats and cards are back in the air. We hit the money when 36 more players find the rail.

2:10pm: Players finishing up break
The 76 remaining players are finishing up some chicken wings and hamburgers. They'll be back soon. While we're waiting, here's a picture of the always animated Maria "maridu" Mayrinck.


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