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LAPT Playa Conchal: Level 13 and 14 updates

lapt-promo.gifUpdates from levels 9 and 10 of LAPT Playa Conchal, brought to you by Brad Willis and Change100.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The LAPT tournament structure can be found on the LAPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the prize pool and winners page.

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Blinds: 1,500-3,000 (300 ante)

6:36pm: Level ends, bubble remains
We were hand for hand for about 15 minutes, but nobody was ready to go bust. Players are now on break. We'll still be hand for hand when they come back.

6:19pm: Felipe Ramos busto; bubble time
Bad luck for Felipe Ramos. He got in on the flop of T♠J♣5♦ with A♥A♣. Unfortunately for him, his opponent held J♦T♦. The board didn't pair and Ramos is out in 42nd place.

With 41 players remaining, we are now on the bubble and hand for hand.

6:11pm: Revenge...for love!
Team PokerStars Pro Maria Mayrinck came in for a raise, got a call from a button, and then saw the short-stacked big blind push all-in. She thought for a moment before calling. The button went away and the cards went on their backs. Mayrinck held J♠T♠ to her opponent's 6♥6♣. She flopped a jack and her top pair held.

"That was revenge for my boyfriend," she said. "[The big blind] two-outed my boyfriend twice yesterday."

There are now 42 players remaining. Forty will get paid.

6:01pm: Iceland melting
All the money went in on one of those flops neither player could get away from, Daniel Mar Palsson flopping top and bottom pair with A♥5♥ on the A♠T♣5♦ flop while his opponent, Darren Keyes hit middle set with T♦T♠. The turn and river blanked with the 4♥ and the Q♦, Palsson shipping 92,100 of his hard-earned chips across the table.

Keyes is now up to 184,400 while Palsson slipped to 143,000

5:57pm: If not playing poker...

I stepped into the restroom a moment ago and found a sweaty, sweaty man fanning himself with his hands.

"Football, football, football!" he exclaimed. "Speak Spanish?"

I said I didn't speak enough.


That was enough to explain the sweat. Apparently some of the busted players are nearby in a Argentina vs. Costa Rica football (yes, soccer) match.


5:55pm: Christian de Leon eliminated
Moments ago, Mexican Team PokerStars Pro Christian de Leon went out just shot of the money. His exit leaves only two Team PokerStars Pros left in the field. That's Alex Gomes and Maria Mayrinck. As the Brazillians are fond of saying....vamooooooooooo!

5:38pm: Paul pummels Wald
Matias Bienen Wald's tournament just came to an end after most of his chips evaporated on that squeeze play-gone-awry. Left with 8,400 in chips, he moved all in behind Ezequiel Guizzi's 8,100 opening raise. Kenneth Paul flat-called from the button, the big blind called, and Guizzi dribbled in three more 100-chips. The action was checked around to Paul on the J♦9♣2♠ flop, and his 16,400 bet chased away his active opponents and the cards went on their backs. Holding A♦8♦ Wald needed an ace or running cards to survive against Paul's T♣T♥, but didn't get there, Paul improving to a full house when the J♠ and the T♠ fell on the turn and river.

Four more eliminations to go before we hit the money.

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

5:28pm: Bad time for a squeeze
With a raise and call in front of him, Matias Bienen Wald tried to squeeze from the small blind with ace-five. The original raiser folded, but the caller in the middle, Leonardo Emperador, called with his J♦J♥. The board didn't do anything silly and Wald is on life support.

5:18pm: Rory resurgent
After dropping from his high-water mark of 120,000 down to around 50,000, Rory Graham found another double-up. Juan Jose Chavez moved all-in from late position and Graham snap-called, his A♥K♥ holding up against Chavez's J♣T♣ to take him up to 104,000.


5:12pm: Rojelio Pardo= your new chip leader
On a flop of A♠J♥7♥, Rogelio Pardo check-raised his opponent's lead bet only to be met with an all-in reraise. Pardo called in a shot, having flopped top set with A-A. Up against K♥8♥, he needed to fade a heart that didn't pair the board, the turn and river falling the 4♦ and the J♠ to make him the nut boat, eliminating his opponent.

With that pot, Pardo's stack rocketed up to the 370,000 mark and he is the new chip leader with 47 players remaining.

5:05pm: Slowing down

With 48 players remaining, we're just eight off the money bubble. That said, we have a new chip leader. That news coming in mere moments.

4:48pm--Salles can't win this race
The button opened for a 6,000 raise, Eduardo Hernandez flat-called from the small blind and Gualter Salles put the squeeze on, moving all in for 44,700 from the big blind. The button folded but Hernandez called, turning up A♥Q♦ to Salles' J♣J♥. Hernandez got an ace in the door and Salles couldn't find another jack, exiting the tournament just short of the money.

4:45pm: Our top three

With the players back in action, here are the top three stacks with 52 players remaining (approximated, because Fred Dykes stacks his chips like my kid stacks his Legos.

Fred Dykes: 330,000
Steven Merrifield: 270,000
Carlos Girou: 230,000

4:30pm: Almost back in action
We're just a couple of minutes from returning to action.Fred Dykes, the PokerStars qualifier from southwest Arkansas looks to still be our chip leader.


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