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LAPT Lima: Day 2 live updates, Levels 17-20 (6000-12000-1000)

lapt-promo.gif2:19am: Jaikel out in 25th, Day 2 concludes
A severely short-stacked Luis Jaikel was essentially forced to go all in from the blinds with 5♥2♦, and found himself up against Ben Barrows' Q♥T♠. A ten flopped, and two community cards later Jaikel was out in 25th.

With that elimination, play concludes for the evening with Amer Sulaiman our chip leader with 24 left. All will return tomorrow at noon for Day 3, and will be playing down to the final table. A full wrap-up of today's action to come shortly.

2:07am: 15 minutes or one elimination to go
We'll either have 25 or 24 players coming back for tomorrow's Day 3. There are 15 minutes left in Level 20, which has already been determined will be the last level of the night.

1:48am: Down to 25
Elton Garcia was just knocked out in 26th, which means with one more elimination play will conclude for the evening.

1:46am: Culebras cut down
Joaquin Culebras had been crippled a little while ago in a hand in which he'd lost a preflop all-in confrontation with Ben Barrows. Barrows had 2♠2♦ and Culebras A♣Q♦, but a deuce flopped and Culebras was nearly down to the felt.

He battled for a while, but was once again forced to push all in from UTG for his last 123,000. The table folded around to Karlo Lopez in the big blind who instantly called. As Lopez tabled his hand -- A♠A♣ -- Culebras could only roll his eyes at his bad fortune. Culebras turned over his A♥Q♦.

The flop brought a queen -- Q♣2♠T♠. But the turn was the 6♥ and the river the J♣, and Culebras is out in 27th.

1:36am: Gallo gone-o
Lisandro Gallo loves king-queen. He really does. He played it for a monster pot all-in four hours ago and managed to make Broadway with it against a set of tens.He just tried it again, this time with K♦Q♠. He was up against A♥J♣. This time, he couldn't suck out and is gone in 28th.

1:24pm: Date night
Mauricio Zeman was just eliminated in 30th place after running J♣J♦ into an opponent's pocket aces. The flop and turn gave Zeman added hope -- 6♠7♠9♦T♥ -- but the 2♥ meant he was done.

The recently-eliminated Pamela Espinosa was there to greet Zeman afterwards, and the pair left together. As they would have regardless of how they finished -- they're husband and wife! Each will be contributing $5,580 to the family bankroll.

1:14am: Espinosa gone in 31st
Pamela Espinosa, the last lady sitting, is now standing and walking to the cage. She just ran into Season 3 LAPT Playa Conchal champ Amer Sulaiman's pocket aces and couldn't outrun them. Meanwhile Sulaiman is now up over the 700,000 mark is is the clear chip leader.


Amer Sulaiman, chip leader

1:10am: The story that would've been...is not
Man, it was shaping up to be the comeback story of the year. David Figueroa had twice come back from having no more than a big blind to have a playable stack. It happened the last time on the bubble when he was down to just a few chips, quadrupled up, doubled up, the doubled up again. Just a few minutes ago, he had 178,000 in his stack and when Gino Guidi Moreno came in for a raise, Figueroa shoved for 150,000 more. Moreno inexplicably checked his watch, then called with K♣J♦. Turned out to be the right call. Figueroa held K♠4♠. Figueroa briefly had the chance at a chop, but it wasn't to be. He's gone in 32nd, and so is our best comeback story of the night.

1:05am: Jose Carlos Rodrigues eliminated in 33rd
With a raise and call in front of him, Jose Carlos Rodrigues pushed all-in for nearly 40,000 more. He got calls in both places.When the flop came 2♦9♠K♥, one of his opponents also moved all-in and isolated with K♠T♣. That was bad news for Rodrigues who held A♣T♠. The turn and river were blanks and Rodrigues went out in 33rd place for $4,660.

1:02am: El-Kher eliminated
Henrik El-Kher has been knocked out in 34th place.

12:51am: 34 left
Renzo Ricse has just busted in 35th place. Like all of the first 14 players to be eliminated, he earns $4,660 for two long days' work.

Two more eliminations before the first pay jump.

12:47am: Barrows doubles up
Ben Barrows -- the player who started today with just 18,000 -- continues to demonstrate his tenacity for survival. He just pushed his last 85,000 all in with J♦J♥ and got a caller holding 9♣9♠. The jacks held, and Barrows is up around 185,000.


12:39am: Vasquez, Plaza out; Sulaiman surge continues
Two more down. Yacin Vasquez hit the rail in 36th. Shortly after that, a short-stacked Cesar Plaza was all in with A♣K♦ against Amer Sulaiman's 6♥5♥.

The flop was Q♥3♥Q♠ and the turn the 7♦. But the 6♠ cruelly spiked on the river, and Plaza is out in 36th.

Sulaiman increases his chip lead with that hand, pushing out to 475,000.

12:30am: Two more down, 37 left
Carlos Effio just went out in 39th when his A♦Q♦ lost a race to pocket sevens. And just moments later, Paul O'Brien followed him to the rail in 38th.

12:24am: We're back
Our remaining 39 players have returned, gathered around five tables. The blinds are 5,000 and 10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Tournament Director Mike Ward just informed us that the plan will be to be no more than two more one-hour levels tonight. Of course, if we do manage to get down to 24 players today (as planned), we'll stop things right there.

12:11am: Color up
Players are on a 15-minute break while chips are being colored up.

12:08am: Pamela pushes, gets paid
Pamela Espinosa -- who might well have been 39th of the remaining 39 players left -- just now pushed all in from middle position and got one caller. Espinosa was in good shape with A♥A♦ against 4♣4♠. And she felt even better about it all when the flop came T♦A♠T♣. The turn was the 2♣, sealing the hand, and Espinosa sits with about 110,000.


Pamela Espinosa a little earlier, celebrating having made the cash

12:00am: Midnight strikes for Ribiero, 40 left
We've reached midnight here in Lima. As we push into Friday, just 40 of our field remain.

Durval Ribeiro was just now all in for his tourney life with 9♠7♠ against Julio de la Rosa's J♠J♣. Five cards later -- Q♦5♥T♣J♥9♥ -- and Ribeiro was out in 41st.

11:55pm: Bye bye McFly
Martin Mathis, aka McFly, started this day with 20,075 chips--less than an ante more than his starting stack on Day 1. He managed to use that stack to make it all the way until now when he finally succumbed in 42nd place when his Q♦J♠ couldn't outrun Jacob Bumgartner's 6♥6♠ all-in pre-flop.

11:50pm: "Must be nice!"
Carlos Lanfranco opened by pushing all in from middle position with his below average stack, Carlos Effio on the button shoved all in as well, then Amer Sulaiman found a nice hand in the big blind with which to call.

Lanfranco turned over K♠Q♦, Effio had J♥J♦, and Sulaiman tabled A♦A♠.

"Must be nice!" yelled Karlo Lopez from across the table to Sulaiman. The board ran out 7♥9♥5♥5♠4♠, and Sulaiman claimed a pot of about 400,000. Lanfranco is out in 44th, while Effio is down to fumes.

11:32pm: The payouts begin
Francois Frejdles was our first winner tonight... that is, the first to be knocked out once the cash bubble had burst. All in with K♠Q♠ versus an opponent's A♦5♦, the community cards came J♦5♥8♥T♥2♥, and Frejdles was eliminated in 48th.

Shortly after that, Paulo Cesar Ribeiro was all in with A♥K♣ against Steven Thompson's A♦J♦. The board ran out T♥4♣J♥A♠6♣, and Ribeiro is out in 47th.

11:20pm: Duyen it wrong -- Bubble bursts
We had been hand-for-hand for exactly one hand. The tournament area looked like a candy shop filled with kids on amphetamines. Players darted from one table to another. The weary staggered from their seats like drunks at last call. Then there arose a scream, like something you might hear at a Costa Rican football game. It started low then rose to the point that the only louder thing was the crashing of elephant feet to the table when Pham Duyen had just shoved all-in with K♦J♣. Jorge Schwalb made the call with 9♣9♦.

We know this because we had a man on the inside. The rest of us suffered minor injuries to our persons and pride as we attempted to get close. The only way we knew it was over was the soccer scream that rose up and a raucous cheer that indicated--without a doubt--the bubble had burst.

And that bubble was Pham Duyen, a man whose hand didn't improve, a man who had once been near the chip lead, man who is leaving tonight with nothing more than that with which he came. It's now time to play for cash.


11:14pm: Mano a mano
Jorge Ortega of Peru just shoved all in from the small blind with J♦T♠ and got looked up by the big blind who held A♠T♣. A ten flopped, and the turn and river were blanks. The ace kicker played, and Ortega is out in 50th place.

With 49 left -- just one away from the cash -- we're now playing hand-for-hand.

11:08pm: Still at 50
We remain just two eliminations away from the cash. There have been a couple of all-ins and no-calls, but none have hit the rail over the last half-hour.

Just now Luis Jaikel opened for 22,000 from UTG, then Amer Sulaiman, sitting to his left, shoved all in for approximately 120,000 total. The table folded and Jaikel went deep into the tank before letting it go.

Both players attempted to show each other their hands and muck, but the rest of the table made sure all were allowed to see them. Jaikel had had A♣J♠, while Sulaiman had A♦Q♦.

10:54pm: Level 18 begins
Life just became a little more difficult for the short stacks. Blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500.

10:40pm: Bubble...?
Almost. We're at 50 players. Two more to go until the money.

10:33pm: Bad Barbero
Julio de la Rosa opened with a raise to 26,000 from the cutoff, and Jose Barbero -- on the button -- sincerely looked as though he'd like to stick around. Finally Barbero concluded his silent internal monologue by slapping his own hand a couple of times.

"Bad! Bad!" said Barbero with a smile as he slapped. Duly self-admonished for even being tempted, he tossed his cards into the muck. The blinds folded, too, amid many grins. Perhaps in response to the display, de la Rosa ended up showing the hand with which he raised -- A♦Q♣.

De la Rosa presently has about 230,000, while Barbero is currently the chip leader with around 460,000.

10:25pm: Bubble bluffer bounced
Leandro Csome ended the last level by writing the number "48" on a piece of paper and holding it over the "53" remaining players of field on the TV display He let out a big, happy whoop and celebrated with Costa Rica's Steven Thompson.

Alas, the real number kept Csome from making the money. He is one of the first two players out after the dinner break.

Fifty-one players now remain. The next three eliminations walk away with nothing. Then it really gets interesting.

10:11pm: Sated
We have completed the dinner break and are back in action.

Fifty-one players remain. We will soon be going hand for hand. Forty-eight players will be paid.

Here's Steven Thompson's "Pura Vida" chip stack


LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Brad Willis and Martin Harris and photographer Carlos Monti.

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