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LAPT Sao Paulo: Levels 11-14 live updates (Blinds 1,500-3,000-400)

4:19pm: Break time
We're now on a 15-minute break. We'll be moving on to a new post on the home page.--BW

4:17pm: Et tu, Humberto?

4:09pm: Colonese KOs two
A short-stacked player open-shoved for his last 50,000 and the cutoff moved all-in behind him for about 150,000. The action folded around to Fabio Colonese in the big blind but before he had a chance to act on his hand, his two opponents turned up their cards-- A♠5♥ for the short stack and A♣K♠ for the cutoff. Nevertheless, Colonese elected to call with 9♣9♥. His pair held up on the J♥5♣3♠8♦Q♦ board, eliminating both players. He's up to 400,000, good for the current chip lead. --KB


Fabio Colonese, the 400k man

3:55pm: Dirty money?
So, a little earlier, we mentioned Raphael Martins' successful bluff against Santiago Nadal. It's only been since then that we've learned the dude is due some good luck.

On the way here from the airport, Martins was riding in his cab when two thieves on motorcycles blocked his way. They stormed the cab and demanded all his money. Martins handed over everything--cash, credit cards, passport...everything...except his buy-in for the LAPT main event which was concealed in his underwear. Once here, he had a hard time registering for the main event without his ID, but managed to work everything out and is now just a dozen or so eliminations off the money bubble.

So, good for Martins. As for who ends up getting paid out in the cash that was hidden in Martins' underwear...well, you might want to wear gloves or something. --BW


Who needs a wallet when you have underwear?

3:54pm: Bye-bye Baroni
Although Emerson Baroni came into Day 2 with the second-largest stack, he hit a rough patch this afternoon that knocked his stack down to about a quarter of the 200,000 he started with. Following an opening raise to 8,900, Baroni moved all-in and got a quick call, his pocket sevens up against pocket kings.

It was a nasty flop for sure, a seven appearing on the board with a king right behind it to send Baroni home, just out of the money. --KB

3:49pm: Daniela doubles
When Daniela Zapiello leaps out of her chair, claps her hands together, and cries "Vamo!" it's usually a good sign. It sent us running over to her table where she was raking in a 100,000 pot. All the money had gone in on the river, the board reading K♠5♠6♣9♦K♣. Zapiello showed sixes full, while her opponent sheepishly tabled 4♦5♦. After taking a bit of a tumble since her high-water mark of 265,000 earlier in the day, Zapiello is back up to 175,000. --KB


3:38pm: Can she get some run-good?
"I run so bad," said Maria Mayrinck with a sigh. "You saw it at PCA-- set to runner-runner flush. Kings against your ace-king-- runner-runner flush (guilty as charged). Now I flop a boat and lose."

Holding pocket sevens, Mayrinck hit a full house on a J-J-7 flop. All the money went in on the turn, the pot swelling to nearly 200,000. Mayrinck was in excellent shape, but a cruel, cruel river nine sent the pot across the table. She's down, but certainly not out with about 67,000 in chips. --KB

3:31pm: Carron crippled
Joao Bauer opened for 5,300 from UTG and the action folded around to Patrick Carron in middle position. He moved all-in for 49,500 from the cutoff and the button made the call, Carron having him slightly covered. Bauer folded and the cards went on their backs.

Mr. Button T♥T♦

Carron found no help on the Q♠6♥2♠9♦4♦ board and was left with only 2,500 in chips after the hand. --KB

3:25pm: Csome back on top
After briefly surrendering the chip lead to Santiago Nadal, according to our spies, Leandro Csome is back on top of the board with 450,000. --BW

3:24pm: Blinds up
The 90 remaining players are now on 1,500-3,000-400 blinds. --BW

3:22pm: Manzano, the 400,000 man
Nothing like playing the biggest pot of the tournament with one pair, but that's what Carlos Mironiuk and Alex Manzano just did. They got it all in on the turn with the board reading T♥K♠4♠5♥4♣. Mironiuk held K♦8♦ to Manzano's A♣K♣. The river was the 4♣, eliminating Mironiuk and shipping the 400,000 pot to Manzano. --BW

3:18pm: Nadal gets bluffed
On a board reading A♣K♠J♥A♠, Raphael Martins led for 24,000 into chip leader Santiago Nadal. Nadal called and they saw the K♥ on the river. Martins cut out 25,000 and slid it forward. Nadal looked pained, like he was ripping off a band-aid over a wound he knew needed air. He threw his cards in the muck. That's when Martins proudly stood and slammed his 3♠4♠ on the table. Busted flush draws are the new nuts. --BW

3:15pm: Five kings!
Listen, there was a joke in there somewhere as Humberto Brenes was dancing around screaming about five kings, but I can't say for sure if I understood everything correctly. The joke was either that there must've been too many kings in the deck. Or it was that there were exactly the same amount and Humberto is a king, too. It's all academic, anyway. The point is, Brenes just got kings in against tens, and for insurance flopped quads. He's up to around 165,000. --BW

2:56pm: Three way all-in goes to third place
Cesar Plaza limped in from early position with two red nines and play folded around to Tom Carter in the small blind. He moved all-in, which would've been great for him but for Neuri Campos moving all-in for less in the big blind. Plaza thought it over before calling both of them.

Plaza: 9♦9♥
Carter: K♣K♠
Campos: A♣K♦

Through the turn, Carter was in great shape on the 3♥Q♦J♠3♣ board. If it hadn't been fo that pesky T♠ on the river, he would've won it all. Instead, he had to ship the main pot to Campos. The 70,000 side pot went to Carter. Plaza is still in fine shape with around 200,000.--BW

2:50pm: Castano cut down
Jimmy Castano opened for a standard raise to 6,500 only to be met with a shove for 47,500 from a middle position player. The action folded over to Alfredo Vaz, who tanked for so long he called the clock on himself. Ultimately Vaz folded, and Castano made the call. Castano shower 8♣8♠ but his opponent had him crushed with J♦J♣.

"Please no ace or king!" begged Vaz, indicating what he'd folded.

The board ran out J♠4♦4♥8♦6♥, Castano cruelly turning an inferior set to his opponent's jacks full. Castano was left with only 5,800 in chips and was eliminated a few hands later. --KB


Jimmy Castano

2:35pm: Fino do rei Jesus!
Andre Scaff caught our attention yesterday, not only because of his massive chip stack, but for his card capper-- a gold cross sitting atop a few poker chips. As we passed his table moments ago, there was already about 13,000 in the pot with the board reading K♣J♥6♣Q♠ on the turn. Scaff made it 8,200 to go and his lone opponent, chip leader Santiego Nadal, made the call. The river was the A♣ and Scaff checked over to Nadal, who bet 19,700. Scaff moved all in for an additional 90,000 or so and after a long tank, Nadal gave up his hand.

Scaff showed 4♣9♣ for a flush and a relieved Nadal flashed the T♥, having folded a Broadway straight.

"Fino do rei Jesus!" shouted Scaff as he raked in the pot (rough translation- "Jesus is king!") Scaff is up to 145,000 while Nadal is still at the top of the pack with 315,000. --KB


Andre Scaff's card capper

2:16pm: Third verse, blinds up
With 105 players remaining, everybody is back in their seats to play 1,200-2,400-300 blinds. --BW

2:00pm: Break time
Players are on a 15-min break.

1:54pm: Zapiello does NOT have the same hand
On a board reading 3♥7♦4♥3♦, Daniela Zapiello bet out 23,000 into an already sizable three-way pot. She only got one call and demurred on a Q♠ river. Her opponent checked behind. "Same hand," she supposed and turned up a five and six for the flopped nuts. Her opponent could only reveal a queen and seven for top two pair. "Not the same hand," Zapiello mused and raked another pot. It bears repeating, Zapiello started this day on 37,000. She now has 265,000. Yes, really. -BW

1:52: Vaz is a ninja
It's seemed Alfredo Vaz has been sitting on a couple of big blinds since the start of the tournament. Somehow, with 116 players remaining, he's still alive and seems to have more chips now than at any point in the tournament. He's manage to amass around 30 big blinds after doubling up with pocket kings versus a naked ace. Ninja. --BW

1:40pm: No mas Nacho
After cruising through Day 1 and bagging up 75,000 in chips, Nacho Barbero's pursuit of a third LAPT title came to an end only moments ago. Following an opening raise to 5,100 from Joao Torres in the cutoff, Barbero three-bet to 15,000 from the small blind. Torres made the call and they saw a K♠6♠2♠ flop. Barbero checked and Torres checked behind. The turn came the 7♦ and Barbero led out for 15,000. Torres min-raised to 30,000, Barbero moved all-in, and Torres snap called, turning over A♠4♠ for the nut flush. Barbero moved to muck his cards, but was forced to show his 6♥9♥. Nacho could not pull out a runner-runner miracle and departed the table. --KB


1:34pm: Camia crushed in three-way all-in
All the cards were already turned up as we passed Table 6, a very short-stacked gentleman all-in with K♦Q♦ against Eduardo Camia's A♥9♥ and Marcelo Jensen's 4♥4♠.

Camia took the lead on the T♦9♠2♥ flop, but Jensen spiked a set on the turn when the 4♦ fell. The river was the K♠, too little too late for our short stack, who quietly departed the table. Camia was not quite as zen, pounding what remained of his stack (37,000) against the felt in frustration. --KB

1:24pm: Nadal takes over chip lead
And your new chip leader is Santiago Nadal. At latest count, the man from Mexico has 325,000. If his name sounds familiar, he just missed a WSOP final table last summer with a 10th place finish in Event #5, a $1,500 NLHE affair. --BW

1:22pm:No time to type and track Zapielo
In the 30 seconds it took to type and publish that last post, Daniela Zapielo has now moved to 215,000. In the words of my co-blogger Kristin, "She's raking another pot with a camera in her face." --BW

1:15pm: Zapiello climbs to 170,000
Daniela Zapiello is on a tear and a half. After starting the day on 37,000, she now sits on 170,000. Her most recent pick-up was the elimination of short-stacked Andre Lichtenstein. We came up on the hand on a flop of 3♦6♥2♥. There was some confusion about Lichtenstein's bet. The chips he had in front of him were pulled back. That's when he pushed out his entire stack (somewhere in the neighborhood of 17,000). Zapiello snap-called him with 9♠3♥. Lichtenstein turned over 7♦7♣, good for only the second before the dealer burned and turned the 9♦ to give Zapiello two pair and the eventual win. --BW

1:07pm: Better morning for Maridu
Brazilian Team Pro Maria "maridu" Mayrinck means business today. She's already chipping away at her table, increasing her stack from the 36,000 she began the day with to nearly 55,000.


Blinds up: 1,000/2,000/300

1:02pm: Hungry shark feasts on opponents
We happened upon the Costa Rican shark as David Etter led out for 5,600 on a A♥6♠3♥ flop. Brenes made the call and they both checked the 5♣ on the turn. The river was the T♥ and Etter fired again, making it 11,000 to go. Brenes looked him up with pocket queens, besting Etter's pocket fours.

"Why you bluff? Humberto never bluff!" Brenes said.

On the very next deal, Brenes opened the pot, the big blind three-bet and Brenes called. The big blind led out for 17,000 on the T♣7♦4♣ flop and Brenes called. The K♥ on the turn was met with checks from both players, as was the 9♦ on the river. The big blind could only show an naked A♠Q♥, while Brenes turned over pocket jacks for the win.

"No bluff Humberto! Humberto no bluff!" Brenes cackled as he pulled in the pot. He's up to 106,000. --KB

1:00pm: tweet of the hour

"The Shark is Hungryyyyyy.............." --Guess who.

12:37: Season 3 Grand Final champ gone
Martin Sansour, champion of the Season 3 Rosario, Argentina Grand Final is gone. After play folded around to the blinds, Sansour pushed all-in for around 27,000 with 6♦7♦. It might have worked if Carlos Lima hadn't woken up in the big blind with J♠J♥. Three aces on board gave Lima the boat and sent Sansour packing. --BW

12:35pm: Palacios scares off opponents, doubles up
Facing a raise to 4,200, Bolivar Palacios raised to 15,000, leaving himself the always scary 2,000 behind. The next player in line looked like he might want to play, but Palacios wagged his finger in a way that said, "You don't really want to do that." It was apparently a very convincing wag. The original raiser ended up getting it in against Palacios with A♥Q♠. Palacios turned up 9♦9♥. The pair held and Palacios is back up around 40,000. --BW

12:29pm: He's with the angels now, honey...
With only a piddly 12,000 left in front of him, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen just got it all in pre-flop with Q♠J♠ against A♣7♣. The flop gave his opponent two sevens. Guillen had a spade flush draw, but it missed and Guillen carried his halo toward the exit. --BW


Angel Guillen

12:25pm: Mironuik KOs Quinionez
In a pot that was four-bet before the 6♠3♥3♥ flop landed, Carlos Mironuik moved all-in and Hector Quinionez made the call. Quinionez turned over pocket jacks, but was in dire shape against Mironuik's pocket kings. The turn and river fell the 2♦ and the 9♥, Quinionez making an early exit as Mironuik added another 60,000 to his already-formidable stack, now totaling approximately 230,000. --KB

12:22pm: Daniela doubles, De Leon exits
Daniela Zapiello didn't waste any time getting her last 22 big blinds or so in the middle, committing the rest of her stack with pocket tens against Christian De Leon's A♦Q♠. Zapiello hit a set on the J♣T♠6♠ flop, although De Leon still had outs with a gutshot straight draw. The J♥ on the turn, however, left the Mexican Team Pro drawing dead, Zapiello leaping from her seat in jubilation as she doubled up to 74,000. --KB


Zapiello's poker face

12:12pm: Suckout-y start to the day
Less than 15 minutes into the first level of the day, Team Online's Jorge Limon is gone after losing with ace-king to ace-jack. At nearly the same moment, Pascal Perrault went down when his pocket fives dropped to pocket threes. Bad beat stories will be available at the nearest escalator. In lieu of flowers, please send tacos. --BW


Jorge Limon

12:03pm: For those about to rock...
Tell us how it is. That sounds like a ball. We'll be covering Day 2 of LAPT Sao Paulo. It just kicked off. --BW

11:24am: Day 2 on the way
Day 2 is just about half an hour from kicking off. Unlike Day 1, there will be no record-breaking moments. Day 2 will simply be work getting from the 167 remaining down to the neighborhood of 24 players.

There will be a prize for the players who go deep. Once we hit the 64-player mark, everyone remaining will actually be able to go to the cage upon their elimination and get some money. So they have that going for them (which, as they say, is nice).

Leandro Csome was last night's big chip leader with more than 271,000. He'll be joined by Maria Mayrinck (36,800 chips), Humberto Brenes (55,100), Christian de Leon (31,600), Angel Guillen (16,300), and Nacho Barbero (75,700) when the day kicks off.

Strap in, folks. This ride is going to be a long one. --BW


Leandro Csome

LAPT Sao Paulo live update reporting team (in order of what time they gave up on natural sleep this morning): Brad Willis (3:59am), Kristin "Change100" Bihr (4:15am)

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