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LAPT Viña del Mar: We're back!


We're back!

Most things tend to come back from dinner breaks. Appetites and energy aren't on that list, and this time, neither was the internet.

But after some jerry-rigging with iPhone tethering, and a few IT people doing whatever wizardry they do, we're back to full speed.

Poker players and media consume a fierce amount of internet.

We're bandwidth locusts.

Many places aren't used to this type of wi-fi drain and internet tends to go down once or twice per tournament.

On the plus side, we have numbers.

The first is "1." One is the number of Team PokerStars Pro in the field today, Leo Fernandez.


Lonesome Leo

One is also the loneliest number that you'll ever do, so we'll move on.

The number 284 is next, that's how many players registered for Day 1A. Only 13 of those players aren't from South America; out of those, Stuart Burton McDonald seems to be the furthest from home. He joins us from Australia, courtesy of a PokerStars Satellite.

The most represented country here in Chile is...well...Chile.

203 out of the 284 players here today are trying to become the first Chileans to achieve victory on home soil.

They seem to have a good chance, since they represent 71 percent of the field.

Latin Americans seem to be stepping up their poker game.


A man-on-a-ladder's eye view of the predominantly Latin American field

Season 1 saw no Latin American champions. The following season, Fabian Ortiz became the first Latin American player to take down an LAPT. He'd be the only one that year.

Season 3 continued to show improvement. Here, three out of the five titles went to Latin American players. Two of those wins were courtesy of Jose "Nacho" Barbero's back-to-back LAPT wins.

And then, last season, Latin America dominated the LAPT, shutting out every other region in the world.

Lets see what happens on Season 5.

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