Get your hand reviewed and win

One of the best ways to get better at pretty much anything is to go back and review how you did it previous times. Why do you think pro sports teams look at game films and chess players crawl through previous games they've played (and that the experts have played)?

Needless to say, this applies to poker players too. The best players go back and read hand history after history, looking for their opponents' mistakes and, more importantly, their own. After all, you only encounter an opponent's mistake once in a while; your own stay with you.


Some people streaming on Twitch do segments where they do hand reviews either of their own hands, or of other people's hands. In fact, I do a weekly show on PokerSchoolOnline ( where I review hands that people have submitted. It's a great opportunity for all of us to talk through hands and learn as we go.

In the spirit of that, we're going to be doing some hand reviews from the Twitch Booth at the upcoming PS Festival at Atlantic City (October 29th through November 6th). But to get the ball rolling, we're adding a sweetener to the pot:

Every day that we do hand reviews, we're going to give away six $11 tournament tickets on PokerStars NJ. You just need to have your hand picked as one of the "best" hands that we reviewed. That doesn't mean you made a straight flush, or took an awful beat. In fact, please don't send in straight flush or bad beat hands because, frankly, they're not very interesting.

But if, by whatever random criteria we use, your hand gets picked, you get an $11 tournament ticket.

Here's how to enter:

Post a Tweet that has:
(1) a link to a playable hand history of a PokerStars New Jersey hand, and
(2) The hashtag #NJHandReview. And
(3) Your PokerStars NJ Stars ID

We don't care what replayer you use, but

seems to accept PokerStars hand histories well. Again, if you have a replayer that you prefer, that's fine as long as it works. And remember, the hand history needs to be from PokerStars NJ (real money or play money are both fine).

Here's an example of what such a tweet would look like:

A hand I played on #PokerStarsNJ that I want reviewed in the #NJHandReview: StarsID LeeJ@Play

We'll scoop up all the tweets that have the #NJHandReview tag, pick the most interesting ones, and discuss them on air. The most interesting of those will win the $11 tournament tickets.

Grab those hand histories and start tweeting!

Lee Jones first joined PokerStars in 2003 and has been part of the professional poker world for over 25 years. You can read his occasional Twitter-bites at @leehjones

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