Meet Team Platinum

Who are the people behind those Platinum Passes? They are an eclectic group of regular folks from all over the world. They'll all be playing the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship in January, thanks to winning one of the 320 Platinum Passes PokerStars gave away in 2018.

Now, meet some of the most interesting Platinum Pass winners from around the world.

Toin Voncken


How he won his Pass: EPT Live Stream Challenge

Alex Irwin


How he won his Pass: PSF Marbella Cup

Benjamin Alvarado


How he won his Pass: Lex Veldhuis PPA giveaway

Ronald Mici


How he won his Pass: Moneymaker Tour Foxwoods

Kalidou Sou


How he won his Pass: London Mega Stack

Jennifer Carter

Country: Canada

How she won her Pass: Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway winner

Thai Ha

Country: United States

How he won his Pass: PCA Main Event Day 2 drawing

David Korn

Country: Germany

How he won his Pass: Marbella All-In Shootout

Travis Nesbitt

Country: Canada

How he won his Pass: All In Shootout on PokerStars

Steven-John Jost

Country: Switzerland
How he won his Pass: Random draw of 2018 PCA cashers

Stay tuned for more Meet Team Platinum videos in the coming weeks