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MicroMillionIII: xkarlovicx wins Event #36, $11 NL Hold'em, the hard way

In the world of MicroMillions111 an $11 buy-in is a considerable sum. Looking through the schedule there are enough $3 and $5 buy-in events to fill anyone's boots. But $11? It's enough to make the micro stakes player think twice. And yet ahead of Event #36, the $11 no-limit hold'em tournament with a $25,000 guarantee some 4,054 players thought twice. That's 8,108 thoughts flying around out there, most of which were focused on a share of the $40,540 prize pool as gates closed on the latest event on the schedule.

Eventual winner xkarlovicx knew this when he coughed up 11 bucks for a seat in the early hours of Monday morning. Over the course of the next nine hours and eight minutes the Colombian would out last all of them, and triumph over a final table which, as the sun came up, had seemed his for the taking. In between he had time to watch all that he'd worked for slip away and then win it back. It had all looked so easy. Instead xkarlovicx won it the hard way.

Event 36 - final.jpg
xkarlovicx leads going into the final table

Xkarlovicx led coming into the final, comfortable and in command, with enough chips to lose a few pots that meant the world to his opponent but inconvenience to himself.

Out first...

Ehjays101 was first to depart. Starting as one of the short stacks, ehjays101, from Canada, moved all-in for 577,000 with A♥Q♠ which shur23 called with T♥T♣. Nothing came to change anything for ehjays101, departing in ninths place with $324.32.

More all-ins followed, albeit without any takers, as the likes of wozE, Bikk87 and elvercom tried to improve their meagre holdings. Soon there was a caller. When Martini1685 moved all in with king-queen he was called by the pocket nines of xkarlovicx who then flopped a set to dispatch Martini1685 in eight place, collecting $506.75.

Almost immediately Bikk87 followed, moving all-in from the small blind moments before the break with A♦Q♥. TalisT, of Latvia, called with J♣Q♣ and flopped a full house, queens over jacks. Before he'd found the breath to thank his own personal god he too was gone, Bikk87out in seventh earning $912.15.


When play continued six-handed the all-ins came every few minutes. First elvercom doubled through xkarlovicx with pocket queens, which flopped a set, then imsowaavy, who shoved for 1.9million, forcing wozE from a sizeable pot. wozE followed with his own all-in but found no takers, at least on the first attempt. On the second he doubled through xkarlovicx to stay alive.

Throughout this time shur23 had been mounting an attack on the leader, steadily increasing his stack until he was crippled in a hand against elvercom, ace-jack against elvercom's pocket tens. Sher23, left with just 26,000, shoved and found three callers:

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With more chips in front of him xkarlovicx continued to apply pressure, tangling with everyone. Only now he was having trouble keeping the chips he'd worked hard to amass. First he lost 2 million to elvercom, then another pot worth 4.5 million went the way of TalisT whose J♥J♦ bettered xkarlovicx's A♥Q♥.

While TalisT licked his lips and xkarlovicx licked his wounds, wozE went all-in from the button with K♦4♦ and found a call from imsowaavy with A♣9♣. The board ran K♥8♦A♠qd]8♥ to send wozE out in fifth place with $1,722.95.

Not much in it...

Xkarlovicx - 5.2 million
Elvercom - 5.2 million
TalisT - 4.3 million
Imsowaavy - 5.2 million

So far the table had been all business, with very little chat as players dropped out. Minutes passed without any of the drama of earlier until a hand came along which seemed to sew it up for xkarlovicx:

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Xkarlovicx had extended his lead and looked unstoppable.

Xkarlovicx - 12.8 million
Elvercom - 1.1 million
TalisT - 3.4 million
Imsowaavy - 2.4 million

Things would get worse for imsowaavy who was soon all-in for 2.4 million on the button. Imsowaavy had A♣K♣ and was called by all-in by elvercom with 3♠3♥. Imsowaavy flopped a pair but watched helplessly as the river delivered a three. Imsowaavy was down to a million while elevercom hung on with 2.6 million. Elvercom's typed "sorry" seemed like the first word out of the final table.

Then more words...

"Deal?" said TalisT, who was sitting on a stack of 2.6 million. While TalisT waited with baited breath imsowaavy moved all-in again, with no takers.

"??" typed TalisT. Had they noticed him? It seemed not as imsowaavy shoved again, for 1.7 million this time, with no takers. TalisT tried a third time.

"Deal?" typed TalisT, down to 1.9 million.

"What's the deal," piped up imsowaavy all of a sudden. Perhaps he thought it was for a second hand car. Regardless, elvercom put an end to it all.

"no," said elvercom.

"Okay, let's do it," said imsowaavy, missing a beat. Soon xkarlovicx made his voice be known. "No deal," he said, and like a school teacher, albeit one with a load of chips, he was listened to.

TalisT went back to playing and was soon part of a three way all-in:

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"Deal?" asked TalisT, perhaps feeling less sheepish now with a stack of 4.2 million.

Elvercom: no
Imsowaavy: lol

Imsowaavy would be next out. With blinds of 150,000-300,000 with a 37,500 ante, he had little chouce, moving all-in behind a bet to 600,000 from TalisT under the gun. Imsowaavy showed A♣6♠, TalisT A♥Q♠. An ace on the river ended imsowaavy's day in fourth place, worth $2,331.05. TalisT moved up to 5.5 million. No word on a deal.

The temporary fall of xkarlovicx...

Then came xkarlovicx's fall. First he doubled up elvercom, whose Q♦Q♥ easily stumped xkarlovicx's A♥3♣ pre-flop shove. Worse was to come as xkarlovicx and elvercom went at it:

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TalisT shoved once, then forced xkarlovicx off a hand on the flop.

"Deal?" he said once more, trying his luck. Still no word.

By the next break elvercom had extended their lead:

Xkarlovicx - 4.6 million
Elvercom - 9.78 million
TalisT - 5.86 million.

With blinds now at 200,000-400,000 and a 50,000 ante, TalisT had his deal plea ignored once more, the others perhaps assuming by now it was spam. Or maybe on the part of xkarlovicx at least, the goal was to win outright. To do so he'd need more chips and he would get them from elvercom:

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All of a sudden the smile on xkarlovicx's avatar seemed more sincere as elvercom made his departure in third, his K♥7♥ crushed by the A♦6♥ of xkarlovicx on an ace high board.


Xkarlovicx - 16 million
TalisT - 4 million

"Deal?" asked TalisT. He'd take any deal, it didn't matter. Just any deal. Perhaps he simply liked typing "deal." Perhaps he was referring to the Kent town of Deal or the 2008 Burt Reynolds vehicle "Deal". Regardless it was declined and his stack continued to wilt. Finally TalisT shoved with A♦T♣. Xkarlovicx called with J♦8♦ and found an 8♣ on the flop:

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He'd taken the long route, but the title now belonged to xkarlovicx. Congratulations to him on a MicroMillionsIII title and $6,367.03.

MicroMillionsIII Event #34 $5.50 NL Hold'em 6-Max Turbo Shootout

1. Xkarlovic, Colombia, $6,367.03
2. TalisT, Latvia, $4,743.18
3. Elvercom, Denmark, 3,344.55
4. Imsowaavy, Canada, $2,331.05
5. wozE, Canada, $1,722.95
6. shur23, Russia, $1,317.55
7. Bikk87, Russia, 912.15
8. Martini1685, Germany, 506.75

Entrants: 4,054
Prize pool: $40,540
Places paid: 540

That leaves 64 events still to play in the MicroMillions III. Visit the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

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